just got my smart carry

just got my smart carry

This is a discussion on just got my smart carry within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i'm very impressed with this holster. i've tried just about every combo out there; all sizes of guns in sob, iwb, owb, shoulder, ankle, pocket, ...

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Thread: just got my smart carry

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    just got my smart carry

    i'm very impressed with this holster. i've tried just about every combo out there; all sizes of guns in sob, iwb, owb, shoulder, ankle, pocket, etc.

    it's very easy to put on and take off.

    as far as concealment, you can't beat this thing. this was with my 4.5 inch barreled Five-seveN, which is a good sized handgun. it also allows a spare magazine which is really nice. i moved every which way, and there is really no way an observer can tell you have a gun there (why they would be looking there, well...).

    however, there's one caveat. if you are a big guy with a gut like me AND using a big gun, you have to make sure you are wearing shorts/pants with enough room in there for when you are sitting. if you don't, it becomes a comfort issue (only while sitting). if your pants are baggy enough, this thing is very comfortable. as a bonus, it doesn't interfere with a seatbelt nor does it tear up your shirts.

    it's pretty easy to draw from as well. i think strong side OWB has a slight advantage here, but only slight.
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    I use Smartcarry 5 days a week as my EDC with either a snubbie or my Makarov .380

    I find it to be the most comfortable deep concealment holster available.

    Not as fast as strong side IWB or OWB but as fast as my tuckable.

    I recommend Smartcarry to anyone needing deep concealment. Plus Charlie is a breath of fresh air to deal with in this day and age.
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    I just got one for my Glock 30 and Sig 239 and am very happy with it. It is an especially good holster for the warm temps here in FL.

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    I just got mine as well. I have worn it every day since it arrived with either a Kahr MK9 or a Glock 26. I'm very happy with my purchase, and Charley was very friendly.

    The only problem (sort of) that I have found, is when I squat down to pick up or interact with my 1 year old the gun points right at her. Needless to say I am not comfortable with that. So I am trying to remember to drop to one knee or something instead of squatting.

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    I use the SC for my G19. I love this thing and I would recommend it to anyone. I agree that with a OWB holster you will get a quicker draw but for concealment you can't beat the SC.

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    My SmartCarry is my "Sunday Go To Meetin'" holster. Darn huggers!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    I use mine when I have to wear good pants with a tucked shirt. Ya have to use it with a tucked shirt or its hard to get to. It is kinda slow at the draw, but no worst than any other deep concealment holster. Personally, I dont think I'd want to use it with anything smaller than a 642 and I have to use the small grip at that or it prints a bit. I think it works best with pleated pants.

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    I just recived mine as well. It is very comfortable and hides my Bersa Thunder .380 very well. Quality product with fast delivery.

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