Review- K&D Cochise Defender & Comp-Tac C-T.A.C. Pics&Vids

Review- K&D Cochise Defender & Comp-Tac C-T.A.C. Pics&Vids

This is a discussion on Review- K&D Cochise Defender & Comp-Tac C-T.A.C. Pics&Vids within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; reserving review for a later date....

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Thread: Review- K&D Cochise Defender & Comp-Tac C-T.A.C. Pics&Vids

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    Review- K&D Cochise Defender & Comp-Tac C-T.A.C. Pics&Vids

    reserving review for a later date.
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    I have a CTAC for my XD40, and a Cochise Defender (customized) for my G27. Love my K&D holster! From your picture I see what you mean about the front sight catching--I don't have this issue on mine. The seam where the leather comes together is centered perfectly along the slide, creating a great sight channel. Might I suggest you avail yourself of Kevin's excellent customer service on that issue.

    Kydex generally does give a very nice draw, but it's also noisy. I was always a little bit worried about running with my CTAC as well--felt like the gun was going to jump right out of the holster, but tightening the retention at all gave a difficult draw. The retention on my K&D is perfect. The only issue I have with the draw is directly related to the pants I'm wearing--if I wear thin fabric plyable pants there's a good chance I'm going to draw the holster out with the gun. Stiffer pants material like denim & canvas eliminate this, but I could also eliminate it entirely with the C-clips (which I have on my CTAC, and I'd swipe 'em off that...but I'm going to sell the XD rig entirely and I've already cut the bottoms of the standard clips that came with my K&D).

    For me the K&D holster is the winner...but it is all so subjective isn't it?

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    I have an Eagle Defender for my P-12. The draw is nice and smooth. Retention is fine. The only thing I would comment on is, it could use a little more cant to it. Short barreled double stacks tend to be a little grip heavy and a little more forward cant would help to pull the grip in closer to the body. At least that's my opinion ???? Which may or may not be correct for everyone....

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    The leather needs broke in. Wear it for a while and it will contour to your body.

    As far as a tight fit. All you have to do is get two plastic walmart bags, put your gun in the bags and then put your gun in the holster over night. The thickness of the bags will be just enough to loosen the holster up so you can draw your gun without a problem. If it is still too tight for you then do the same thing another night.

    Give us a review on the K&D AFTER you have worn it for a while and it is broke in.

    I have a Cochise from K&D that is perfect and fits to my body now perfectly. My gun was tight at first but the bag trick and breaking it in to the fit of my body has made it so I forget I'm wearing it sometimes and the gun draws with no problems.

    I like K&D holsters so much I have ordered 3 more. One for me and two for my wife.

    I can't wait to get them.
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    I agree on reserving review until the leather is broken in. You simply have to break in leather holsters. My KD's both were tight before breaking them in, now they're perfect.

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    Great reviews and videos. It is really hard to beat Comptac. Yes leather may eventually break in but most of us are looking for something right out of the box with a smooth draw and thats where Comptac shines. I only wish they offered more models

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    I've got a Cochise also, and my sight has alway been perfectly centered. I do have the M&P full size so maybe there is a difference. I would call Kevin about it. He's a stand-up guy. As the others have stated, mine was flat when I first got it, but now has a nice curve from wearing it. It won't take long, a few days.

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    I've got to say that's one of the more thorough reviews I've seen.
    It looks to me the leather is off center a little. I have a Dakota Defender and the sight channel is perfect. Nice even draw.Talk to Kevin.

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    Email sent. Thanks for the candid review and the opportunity to make the holster for you.

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