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This is a discussion on A little bit of history... within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Gene Autrey? Never heard of him. Just Kidding. The photo below is of me and Smiley Burnette. It was taken in Selma, Alabama in 1953. ...

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Thread: A little bit of history...

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    Gene Autrey? Never heard of him.

    Just Kidding. The photo below is of me and Smiley Burnette. It was taken in Selma, Alabama in 1953. Smiley was making a tour across the US promoting the last films that he and Gene Autrey made together. I don't know the date of the picture, but it was in the fall of the year.

    You can see that even at the young age of five I was already a connoisseur of fine gun leather. At five I had still not decided whether I was left handed or right handed as for as shooting was concerned. I threw a baseball right handed and batted left handed. I was ambidextrous with the pistols. This day I had on a left handed holster. School and learning to write brought me down on the right handed side. Until I actually started to school I also use pencils and crayons with either hand.

    This is a studio photo of Gene and Smiley from the late 30s.

    Gary, congratulations on getting a great piece of Americana.

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    Oh George... Those are some great photo's!

    And a fine holster you got there to say the least!

    At that age... how could you afford good leather not to mention fine ivory grips on that hog leg? You must have had a good paying job!

    Thanks for the post!
    Semper Fi

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    Very cool Gary and good find.

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    very cool Gary, great piece of Americana there

    and dr_cmg, GREAT pic,
    (sarcasm on: but they let a gun get that close to a kid like that OMG how horrible! sarcasm off)
    that is a way cool picture
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    Congratulations on a great find! What a nice piece of history to have and use!
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    Great find Gary. Glad to hear you're up and around, though I'd hardly call those hours "part time." Be careful with those 70 hour weeks, you'll end up right back in the hospital if you don't watch it.

    Slings and cases on the horizon? Can't wait to see pics of the new gear. Give us a heads up when they're available for ordering (though Coal Creek I'm assuming).

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    That was a good story Gary. I have always liked Gene Autrey. In fact, one of my favorite Christmas albums to this day was done by him!

    Shine on...
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    I grew up listening to Gene Autrey. Keep that thing in good condition. It's a piece of history for sure.

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    Great story Gary, and George the teacher tried to make me write right handed also. My dad visited with her and they decided that since I did things either handed sometimes to let me do what come natural to me. Today I write left, throw right, eat left, wrench mostly right but do either, and shoot either.

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    Will we see you with it on the Antique Roadshow anytime soon? Get provenance :) I know my Brommeland holsters are going to appreciate like Picaso's.
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