Wife needs a better belt.

Wife needs a better belt.

This is a discussion on Wife needs a better belt. within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My wife is pretty good about wearing her Glock 36 in a pancake holster on her belt. Her problem is that she only has narrow, ...

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Thread: Wife needs a better belt.

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    Wife needs a better belt.

    My wife is pretty good about wearing her Glock 36 in a pancake holster on her belt.
    Her problem is that she only has narrow, thin belts that REALLY lack support.
    I asked her to try my Galco belt but she insists on "not wearing a man's belt". Mail order is probably out of the question since she will want to try it on.
    Something that could be found in the Knoxville/Gatlinburg Tennessee area or the Louisville/Lexington Kentucky area would be ideal.

    ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am not expecting to find something as good as my Galco belt - just something better than she currently has.


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    i know the thickness helps with the weight ,but also the width of the belt .

    she could find one that tapers down at the buckle giving a more femine look to it . i thought beltman had one that tapered . i love K&D's work his belt works good . perhaps he or someone else could custom make one . as for someone nearby try all of your police outfitters. one of mine had a decent belt from boston belts , and it came in different widths . as for the hardware it can be changed out at your local western wear retailer ,as well might find something there for her .
    good luck and let us know what you managed to make work .


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    Most of the holster business is for men because most of the business is from men. Talk to a custom holster maker that also does belts, or better yet have your wife talk to them.

    I'm a big advocate of having a gunbelt and holster by the same maker. There are very few instances when I order a holster that I don't also order belt by the same maker.

    If you research my previous post I think you will see whom I'm partial to.


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    +1 Beltman tapered belt would probably do the trick. You could get it in 1-1/2" tapered to 1-1/4". The main thing is to get the right size. Follow the directions on the site.


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    Try Target for ladies belts. Kohls has some too. For <30.00 she can find nice looking, fashionable(i.e. feminine) leather belts from narrow to wide widths. I have three that I use. No problems with supporting my weapon. This is a good place to start without spending a lot of money. When she finds what style/width works for her, she can invest in a really nice belt.

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    I'd recommend the Galco tapered Belt. It looks like a regular 1" belt from the front, but tapers to 1.5" on the sides and rear, and can hold a lot of weight. It's really nice belt too.

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    I'm surprised that a good paddle holster wouldn't still work with a thinner belt...
    There is always the use of a fanny pack...and on a female, I don't think anyone would think much about it. OMO
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    I know she'd rather not go the mail order route, but I'd suggest she pick a belt she owns now that she likes, makes a note of it's width and color then contact TheBeltman and see if they can make her a copy of it with the addition of their plastic stiffener to give it more support without her having to resort to a "wide" men's belt.

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    Wow! lots of good ideas. I guess it is time to go shopping.

    She had a paddle holster but does not like them. The tapered belt is probably the best choice but I am not sure she would go for it

    1. Take her to Gall's in Lexington, KY to see if they have anything she would use. (Never been there but think they might have some belts.)

    2. If that fails, go shopping (Kohls, Target) and see if we can find something a little wider then she has. If we find something, maybe see if we can have it "reproduced" with some re-inforcement maybe.

    Thanks! (Her current skinny belts tend to sag unless they are really tight.)

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    Check out http://womensholsters.com/belts.html. Chris Cunningham is a women who makes holsters and belts specifically for women.
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