Galco break in question

Galco break in question

This is a discussion on Galco break in question within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I bought a shoulder holster component that was designed for the p239 9mm but called galco and they said it would fit the Sig p239 ...

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Thread: Galco break in question

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    Galco break in question

    I bought a shoulder holster component that was designed for the p239 9mm but called galco and they said it would fit the Sig p239 40 as well. When I tried to insert the 40, it barely fit, so with a few hours of playing I finally managed to snap the strap (with tension screw loosened all the way). The darn thing was still super tight so I tossed it in a plastic bag and reholstered it, letting it sit for 3 days. If this doesn't work what else can I do? I've heard you can use silicone, but what type.....silicone lube or silicone waterproofer? Are Galco holsters known for being slim fit? Anyone else use the 239 40 in a 239 9mm holster? Thanks!

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    I don't think you want to use anything to "soften" or lube the holster. The plastic baggie would probably be the best bet. You want to stretch the leather to fit the gun, but you don't want to compromise the retention of the leather with respect to friction. If the baggie doesn't work, I would just maybe double bag it and try again.

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    When I get a new tight fit holster I like to do this. I put the gun in a thin plastic bag like the meat/veggie bags from the grocery store. Then I spray the holster with the "shoe stretch" stuff like you can get from walmart or a shoe store and put the gun in it. The stuff works great, dries in less than an hour, does nothing to damage/mess up the leather in fact you can't tell you ever used it, and the gun then fits perfectly. I have done this on pretty much every holster I have and in fact have done it on a couple of holsters to use them for a larger gun. It does not soften the leather, it just makes it fit the gun better.

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    The instructions that came with my leather holster said to NEVER use any softener or liquid product on it.

    To make the gun fit a bit easier, they recommended putting the pistol in a dress sock and then leaving it in the holster for a day or so. Guess a sock is a bit thicker than a baggie, so it stretches the leather a little more.

    That worked great for me
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    I had the same issue with a Galco shoulder holster that sat for over a year without a gun being put in it. It took me a long time to finally get it snapped!

    I think you'll find it'll be fine in a couple days. You might order some Galco Leather Conditioner, its what Galco recommends. If it's still too tight, put the conditioner on the rough side of the leather that goes around the hammer, cover that part of your gun to protect it from moisture, re-snap the holster and leave it a couple more days.
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    I've seen lots of Galco holsters that were very tight to start with, and their thumbbreaks are particularly notorious. I guess that leather tab shrinks a bit while it's sitting on the shelf.

    What you want to do with the strap is to really pull tight on it as you wrap it around the gun, then keep the pressure on while you try to line up the snap. A lot of guys will just lay the strap across the gun normally, then struggle trying to snap it because they didn't take up all the "slack". Once you've got it snapped just leave it in the gun for a few days and the strap will stretch enough so that eventually you won't have any trouble snapping it normally.
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    This is what Galco says in their catalog.................

    "It may appear the holster fit is too tight at first, but this is by design. We engineer our holsters to fit tightly knowing the leather fibers will relax to the proper fit with use."

    It has to be tight when new. If it isn't a tight fit when new, it's not going to magically tighten up later. The best thing for a new holster is to have a gun in it for a few days.
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    all of my galco fit tight at first. that's the way they are made. i would put my gun in and take it out a day later. after several times of this everthing fit good.
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