Blackhawk J Frame Holster

Blackhawk J Frame Holster

This is a discussion on Blackhawk J Frame Holster within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've been carrying my S&W Model 60 in a Blackhawk CQC Speed Classic for a couple of weeks now and it works quite well, I ...

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Thread: Blackhawk J Frame Holster

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    Blackhawk J Frame Holster

    I've been carrying my S&W Model 60 in a Blackhawk CQC Speed Classic for a couple of weeks now and it works quite well, I think. It's a leather OWB style, patterned after the old Berns-Martin design and worn vertically (no cant) at the 3:30 position. The 1.5 inch trailing edge belt slot pulls the gun in tight, but it works just as well without it. It can also be worn crossdraw, at the 9 or 10 o'clock position.

    A note on pricing should be mentioned. Blackhawk sells this holster for $42.95, shipping brings it up to 52 dollars and change. I bought mine from Quantico Tactical Supply. With shipping, it came to 38 dollars and change, and, 3 day delivery. It pays to shop around.

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    I've got that same holster I believe. Does it have the elastic retention band? I carried my 642 in it for a few weeks before I got my other holsters. I like the way it holds the gun , but it doesn't hold very close to the body. My fist holster took over.

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    nice looking holster. but,,,,,have you tried the clip draw belt clip??? for 20 years i carried my model 60 in a ankle holster and/or rubber bands on the grip tucked inside my pants as my "bug" on duty and as primary gun on the weekends. then two years ago i found the clip draw belt clip. now the "bug" is where i can get to it. i have several ankle holsters for the my model 60 and they are collecting dust. the clip draw belt clip works, i am happy with it. with my shirt tail out you can not see the gun. with my shirt tail in, all i have to do is pull some small part of tail over the butt. the gun rides low with the clip under your belt; inside your pants. you can draw your gun as fast as a normal holster, so drawing the gun is no problem. and with the clip draw i don't have to go up on my pants size. also i have found if you can find a bobbed hammer for your j-frames, it will work better in the long run. i bobbed my hammer two weeks after i got the gun and did a trigger job. but that's another story.

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    Looks good, I've been thinking about getting something other than an ankle or pocket holster for my J frame since it has replaced the P3AT as my smallest CCW option.
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    Thanks Captain Crunch, I've been looking for the Blackhawk Checksix and no one seems to have it on stock. Until you pointed me to the website you bought yours. It's even $10 cheaper!

    Thanks again.

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