Quick CTAC/VM2/Dakota Defender comparison/review

This is a discussion on Quick CTAC/VM2/Dakota Defender comparison/review within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In my quest to find the best holster for me I have bought the 3 best holsters recommended by you folks(MTAC wasn't out when I ...

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Thread: Quick CTAC/VM2/Dakota Defender comparison/review

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    Quick CTAC/VM2/Dakota Defender comparison/review

    In my quest to find the best holster for me I have bought the 3 best holsters recommended by you folks(MTAC wasn't out when I started this quest) the CTAC, the VM2 by Milt Sparks, and the Dakota Defender by K&D Holsters. Let me start off by saying all three are high quality great holsters. Each have their own advantages/disadvantages as follows(I'm 5'9" 155lbs all are for the G23 left handed for reference):

    CTAC - Pros - VERY Adjustable. Of the 3 listed it is the most adjustable. This is the CTAC's biggest advantage not to mention they will get you the holster in about a week at a semi fair price. I think 70 bucks is alittle high for a plastic holster but it is worth it. Its retention is also adjustable which is nice. With the option of swapping the tabs you have a lot of combinations for adjustments. It is actually very comfortable as well. Mouth stays open since it is kydex.

    Cons - I just don't see any cons with this holster. Price is alittle high but again in the world of custom holsters it is fair.

    VM2 - Just got this holster in tonight. Man I love that smell of leather.

    Pros - Firearm holsters deep. Trigger guard area provides 98% coverage. More than enough. Retention is perfect and the metal band is nice to keep the mouth of the holster open. Also, it is a really good looking holster.

    Cons - Can't be adjusted. The snaps are alittle tough to snap onto your belt. The CTAC/Dakota clips are alot easier for quick on and off. The VM2 doesn't conceal that well for me. I read on the paper that came with it is made to be worn BEHIND the hip. Typically us smaller guys conceal the best dead on the hip. It did conceal fairly well behind my hip. I haven't had enough time with it yet to give up on it.

    Dakota by K&D - Pros - Adjustable. Similar to the CTAC except it rides higher since you don't have the option of swapping the tabs. Very good looking holster. I think Kevin has the VM2 beat in the amount of detail. Fit is very nice and draw is smooth. Nice suede backing as a sweat guard. Very fair price. Got mine for 65 bucks but i think they are up to 70 bucks. Definitely a keeper. Mouth stays open since the leather is stiff.

    Cons - Trigger guard area could provide alittle better coverage.

    They are all great holsters. The CTAC will be my work holster when i know i'm going to be sweating alot. The Dakota will be at this point my nice holster i wear. The VM2 still needs some time. If i can't get it to conceal better it may be up for sale soon. All in all i recommend the CTAC and the Dakota because of wait time, price, adjustability, and ease of on and off due to their clip systems. Hope this helps.

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    excellent review, I made a thread awhile back comparing the VMII and the Dakota I feel the same way when comparing the two. The VMII was slighter better IMO, but the dakota does have more detail and comfort, plus Kevin's customer service probably beats anybody's service. Maybe you should get the kydex clips for the VMII?

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    The VM-II snaps loosen up in a little time.

    Good "quickie" report!
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    Did not try the VM II but have A/B'd the Dakota Defender and the CTAC. IMHO the CTAC is the best holster going....I love the smell and feel of leather but the draw of Kydex, the multitude of adjustment options, the lightning fast delivery, and the comfort of the CTAC makes it the clear winner. I do wear a tank top under most of my garments as a buffer against the skin so the suede backing was nice on the Dakota but not necessary for me. (BTW-I am also 155 pounds, G23, RH-a tough fit)

    K&D makes a tremendous holster and I highly recommend them (him-Kevin) for you leather guys. Top notch! Gary Brommeland is another expert leathersmith but I'm pretty sure he's not taking new orders right now.

    If I ever need to try leather again I think I am going for the MTAC.

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    I agree the CTAC is about the best thing going in Kydex. It conceals the best for me since i can get it to ride lower by swapping the leather tabs.

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