If I Want to Carry 2 Handguns...

If I Want to Carry 2 Handguns...

This is a discussion on If I Want to Carry 2 Handguns... within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; What is the most optimal positioning? I'm right handed. I'm lean build and 6'2''. 175lbs. My belts barely stay in place when I unholster my ...

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Thread: If I Want to Carry 2 Handguns...

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    If I Want to Carry 2 Handguns...

    What is the most optimal positioning? I'm right handed. I'm lean build and 6'2''. 175lbs. My belts barely stay in place when I unholster my gun. If I want it to stay, my belt has to be really tight.

    1)Right hip and Left hip?

    2)Left arm-pit and right hip?

    3)Right hip and lower back.

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    Try it once. I think you will find 2 guns are over kill and tend to be uncomfortable in the long run(unless you are carrying a small backup). With all the other gear I carry, I don't have much room for a second gun for everyday carry.
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    Dear Minutemanjs
    Welcome, usually one gun is sufficient for me, some of the members carry extra magazines. I carry at 4 o'clock on the strong side.
    It may be worth doing a search on the board as to how other members carry.
    What sidearm are you using?
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    If you buy a really stiff gun belt then you won't need to cinch it up quite so tight.
    Your gun belt does need to be fairly tight though if you are carrying a full size and full weight firearm.
    If your intention is to carry/support 2 fairly heavy firearms on your belt then your belt will need to be buckled quite tight.
    There is no way around that unless you want to add suspenders to help take up some of the weight.
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    What kind of guns?

    You didn't specify if you were talking about carrying two identical guns, one for each hand, or a larger primary gun for your dominant hand and a small backup gun "just in case" the primary somehow fails you.

    Now if it is two identical guns and you are ambidextrous, the Lone Ranger's approach has a nice symmetry and balance to it - one on each hip:

    But if the second gun is something small and concealable for backup, I'd go with an airweight J frame revolver like the S&W model 642 carried in your weak side pocket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pogo2 View Post
    Now if it is two identical guns and you are ambidextrous, the Lone Ranger's approach has a nice symmetry and balance to it - one on each hip:
    Hey pogo,

    The Lone Ranger's got the style for sure, but it's not much for concealed carry. I'm partial to Nicholas Cage's Face/Off holster for CCW.

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    Hey bro... you dont need 2 full sized guns. its DUMB. its not weight efficent. Plus it would be a slaughter in court if you ever had to justify a shooting. if anything carry an extra mag for your full size one. Carry the full size one on your hip and have a little keltec on your ankle as a last resort. imo
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    If both the same size..try mirror carry. One on each side, same location. If a full size gun and a BUG try strongside hip and weakside pocket. I have the too much gear problem too. I carry a G23, an NAA Guardian 380, two cells (work and personal), a pager, a pocket knife, keys, two wallets and if room an extra mag, plus a flashlight if possible (Surefire E1L or E2E). Jeans and khakis run out of pockets pretty quickly.
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    I carry right side with my BUG in left front pocket. Use a good belt such as the dual bullhide from www.thebeltman.net Telephone number is 919-387-1997.
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    "Optimal" is a subjective thing. Whatever works best for you is optimal, as what I think won't matter at that point.

    What works for me: strong-side IWB or OWB carry of my primary (a CZ P01) @ the 4 o'clock position, and pocket carry of my backup (used to be a S&W snubbie, but is now a KelTec P3AT) in the front pocket. Keeping one of them inside the belt helps keep them out of the way and out of view, as compared to having both hanging off the belt. Equipment includes a nice double bullhide belt from The BeltMan, a Fist #17A1 IWB for the CZ P01, and a K&D Pocket Defender for the P3AT.
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    just carry extra mags, or enough ammo that it makes up for the weight of another gun ;)
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    This is a timely post for me. Two days ago I wanted to try to carry two handguns for the whole day with fairly good results.

    I wore my K&D Cochise Defender on my belt at 2:30 with a S&W 642CT with two speed strips as usual, and my former primary holster, a SmartCarry holster, with a small semi-auto and a extra 7 round magazine.

    I barely noticed the either weapon while I worked in the yard, drove to lunch and changed the oil in one of my vehicles.
    If I Want to Carry 2 Handguns...-img_1070-medium-.jpg

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    i very rarely carry two guns. the only time i do is when i make the dreaded trip to philadelphia. i carry my EDC as usual, OWB on the right, and sometimes i'll pocket carry a cobra ca380. normally, though, i can find a way to avoid going to philly.

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    I had to run a a night service call in a place that had been robbed several times. I had one 1911 strong side IWB, a second (3in) 1911 carried SOB, my P3AT in my front right pocket and a GLock 30 in my laptop bag along with spare mags for each of the pieces.
    I wouldn't make it a habit, but a dual shoulder rig might work if you can wear the appropriate cover garment all the time.
    The thought of two hard chrome Nighthawk T3s with the spare mags on the belt gives me the warm and fuzzies
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    If I were to carry two 1911 style pistols the same size, or two same size revolvers I would "mirror carry". Thanks to whomever posted that idea, it's a great suggestion.

    I carry a Primary and a smaller BUG that functions the same as my Primary. The OP could do that with one in a SH and the other IWB. It's just a thought. What is of supreme importance in my humble opinion is having a gun accessable to each hand.


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