Southern Holsters - Memphis Review...Big Thumbs Up!!!

Southern Holsters - Memphis Review...Big Thumbs Up!!!

This is a discussion on Southern Holsters - Memphis Review...Big Thumbs Up!!! within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been doing a lot of research lately in attempt to find a quality holster that may be had in a reasonable time. I ...

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Thread: Southern Holsters - Memphis Review...Big Thumbs Up!!!

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    Thumbs up Southern Holsters - Memphis Review...Big Thumbs Up!!!

    I have been doing a lot of research lately in attempt to find a quality holster that may be had in a reasonable time. I really enjoy trying out different holster maker's products. I almost exclusively find myself using the usual high quality rigs from the likes of Brommeland, Sparks, Bulman, and Alessi. I came across a holster maker, Tom Burks of Southern Holsters, who gets great reviews from those who use his gear. So I decided to place an order for his Memphis IWB holster.

    Order was placed last month by creating an account on his website.
    What is unique about placing an order with Southern Holsters, is that at any time you may log into your account and see where in the process of making your holster Tom is. He updates the account each step during the production so one may know when their holster is being worked on. Examples of updates include order pending, rough cut, stitched, belt loops cut, final cut, edged, wet mold, finished, etc. and shipped. In addition, you get email notification with any significant changes. For example, I got an email notifiying me that he was waiting on more sharkskin leather which was being delivered the following week in order to finish my holster. This communication is just outstanding in this business.

    Now for the holster. Basic holster price is $60. I opted for the $20 sharkskin upgrade for my H&K P2000. Total price to my door with shipping was $87.20, extremely reasonable for quality leather. I ordered the holster on Oct. 8th. Website at that time stated a lead time of approx. 4 weeks. I just received my holster on Thurs, Nov. 15th. That's a little over 5 weeks. Tom actually added an extra lining to my holster for what he said was a delay, due to having to wait on the sharkskin. Hardly a delay...considering I've waited 4-5 times the quoted times from other holster makers. Overall, just incredible customer service.

    Upon receiving the holster, my first reaction was "WOW". It is a sharp looking piece of leather. I wrapped the gun in a few pieces of wax paper and let it sit for a few hours. After a few draws, the holster was good to go. I wore it out last night while running some errands and for a few hours today. This holster is extremely comfortable. It holds the P2000 low on my belt, which provides excellent concealment. I had no problems positioning the holster and finding that "sweet spot". It does not have a reinforced band around the opening, but one handed reholstering is not a problem. The overall quality of the Memphis holster is comparable to other premium holsters I own that cost much more. I would highly recommend you guys checking out for high quality leather that can be had in reasonable time, with service that is second to none. Have a look at my holster...
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    Nice gear

    That is a beautiful holster. And getting frequent feedback from a holster maker is quite rare.

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    Thanks for the great review and pictures. It looks like a really fine holster and I'm glad to hear about your good experience.
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    I love some of the embossings shown on the website ;)

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    I purchased one for my 6906.When I ordered I stated that it had a round trigger guard,when I got it, it was for a square trigger guard.I gave him a call and he said that I could wet the leather and mold it to my trigger guard or send it back and he would do it.I decided I would just leave it alone but a couple of weeks later I get an e-mail that my new holster is almost done and ready to ship.The new Southern holster was a great fit, the leather is soft and easy on my gun's finish.I especially like the lower ride.I paid to ship the first one back, don't know if I had to send it back but I did.Hence the A- on customer service for that.You should'nt have to pay for anything when it's not your fault.I am not bashing Southern holsters just sharing my experience.I think they make a great holster,and I will be wearing mine.

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    Lookin' good, slimjim. Wear it in good health.

    And to continue slightly OT, but not really...
    I agree that customer service is a large part of the equation in a purchase. Most everyone reaches a point in their life when they decide that price is not everything. Sure, we all want to buy things that we feel are a good value, but I would gladly pay extra for the intangibles, like great customer service. Lets face it, we generally have a choice about which product we're going to buy. For me, its the guy that that does two things: Offers the product I want at a fair and competitive price, and provides that little extra personal touch to the equation that shows he values his customers.

    Its kind of like going to a Mom&Pop sandwich shop for lunch. The total order might be $6.19, but instead of waiting for you to dig around in your pockets for the change or break another dollar, they just say, "Just make it $6.00." No fanfare. No effort to make it seem like they're really doing you a big favor. They're just good people. Its that kind of attitude that serves to establish a strong, loyal customer base. Would I be perturbed if they charged me the full $6.19? Not at all; its what I would expect them to do. Does that little effort on their part stick in my memory? You betcha.

    Sounds like he's got a pretty good system started that keeps his customers informed along the way. Most would agree that is important. And judging by your satisfaction with the process, he'll likely have more happy customers.
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    What a great business model!! Thanks for the review of the holster and customer service. The bar is certainly raised for other makers now.

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    Great review on a beautiful holster! And it sounds like his customer service is as good as it gets.

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    Ditto ProRodeo that it's a real nice holster. Sure looks like it will serve its intended purpose really well.
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    I got the same holster, except for an XD45c. I too am impressed with the fit & finish. The sharkskin for $20 is a steal! I got mine in 5 weeks!
    I will be ordering from him again. Thanks Tom

    Here are my shameless pics:
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    Nice looking. If he can customize it as a tuckable he just may get an order for 3 holsters.

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    Good looking Rig,for sure!

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