Bedside Guns

Bedside Guns

This is a discussion on Bedside Guns within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A recent thread on storing your guns in a holster got me to thinking, I know a scary thing. I keep my bedside gun in ...

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Thread: Bedside Guns

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    Bedside Guns

    A recent thread on storing your guns in a holster got me to thinking, I know a scary thing. I keep my bedside gun in the night stand in a leather holster. It is a Glock so I want to keep the trigger covered for obvious reasons. So how many of you keep yours in a holster as well? Do you think there can be some problems from doing this? Now I do rotate mine between a couple of different holsters because I do carry it from time to time. It is also taken to the range and shot and cleaned on a regular bases. So give me your thoughts and opinions on bedside storage.
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    I also keep my G30 in a holster on the nightstand. I do remove it from the holster and place it in the safe during the day. I assume your thinkin about the gun finish. Maybe someone who has stored their nightgun for a prolonged period in a holster can share their experiences.

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    I keep my bedside gun in half of a kydex paddle holster that is screwed to the bed frame. No fuss, no muss, no movement - and a protected trigger.

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    My (bedside table) G19 has an attached flashlight.
    I haven't found a suitable holster for her, so she sits naked.
    I've thought about getting her a mouse pad to rest on, but haven't yet.

    She gets locked up the same way during my absence.

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    XD40sc sits in a Galco Concealable everynight on the nightstand

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chooie View Post
    I keep my bedside gun in half of a kydex paddle holster that is screwed to the bed frame. No fuss, no muss, no movement - and a protected trigger.
    I used my High noon holster that i hated for almost the same thing. I screwed it into my night stand wheres its concealed between the bed/stand. Works great for a bedside holster.
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    have done various things:
    -carry gun in a pocket holster, unchambered, on top of night stand (not my favorite!)
    -bigger gun in kydex paddle holster in drawer (loaded revolver),
    -favorite house gun chambered inside drawer in it's box (unlocked) I made for it- a cash box with foam cut to fit, plus silica gel packets in strategically placed areas, spare mags in their own cutouts in the foam for easy access, extra boxes of ammo in spare room. the boxed gun I've kept this way for many, many years, with no ill effects. But, I always clean/oil my guns every time they're shot (i enjoy it, and I want my emergency guns to be in top condition should they ever be needed!), so YMMV if this isn't your routine.

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    Diamond Sentry Distributors has a very cool product called The Night Sentry that slides between your mattress and box springs.

    It allows you to mount any holster of your choice as well as having a place to store your flashlight and cell phone. You have your gun, flashlight and cell phone right on the side of your bed, all in one place. Any type holster or case that fits on a belt will slide onto the Night Sentry.

    One of these is in my future real soon.

    Currently however, I keep my G-23 in a Blackhawk CQC Serpa holster with the paddle attachment inside my dresser which is 1/2 an arms reach away from the bed. I leave it in holster with a paddle attachment so I can quickly put the holster onto any pants available whether I have a belt in them or not.

    Since I usually carry 2 guns, I keep my XD9sc (BUG) in the next drawer down on the dresser without a holster when ready for bed. For bedside duty I remove the 10 round mag and insert one of my 16 round magazines.

    I also keep my Insight M3 tactical light on top of the dresser so I can grab it and mount it to the G-23 in an instant if needed. (I also keep my body armor next to the bed so I can throw that on quickly before investigating anything in the house if I have time.)

    Once I get my Night Sentry to mount to the bed, I will keep my G-23 in an old Uncle Mikes tactical holster I don't use anymore that fits my Glock with the tac light mounted on the gun.
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    I keep mine in a leather holster. I figure I will usually have enough time to pull it out. But I won't hesitate to shoot through it if necessary.

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    My 226 .40 is in a Serpa on the nightstand....the shotgun is right next to it. I also like the trigger covered on a handgun.


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    I wouldn't want to keep my bedside gun in a holster that I have to use both hands to take the gun out of before I can use it. I did like some have done on here and used the kydex holster that came with my XD and screwed it to the bed. I don't store my guns in leather holsters.

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    I keep my Kahr P9 in a fanny pack unzippered next to my bed.

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    I was just taking my whole rig off at night and lying it on the floor just under the bed covered by a t-shirt. I never thought about taking it out of the holster. Unless I'm shooting or cleaning, my carry gun is always in a leather holster. I switched from kydex to leather 3 weeks ago and no ill effects on the gun yet.

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    my bedside protection is a Mossberg 500 pistol grip pump
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    Mine stays in a holster, sometimes leather sometimes kydex. I dont worry about it at all, it will be fine as ong as you wipe it down once in a awhile.
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