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This is a discussion on How To Carry In My Car within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; There are times when I do not want to carry my Glock 32 in my IWB while driving. Therefore, I am looking for a way ...

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Thread: How To Carry In My Car

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    How To Carry In My Car

    There are times when I do not want to carry my Glock 32 in my IWB while driving. Therefore, I am looking for a way to holster my weapon, but in such a way that it will not go flying all over the car if I had to slam on my brakes or if I had a wreck.

    I also have my mother-in-law in the car with me from time to time, and need to keep it holstered in such a way that she is not tempted to fool around with it when I am not looking. (Yes, she is up in age and might go there and not even know what she is doing.)

    My auto has bucket seats with a console in the middle. It also has a deep compartment between the two seats that has a top on it that latches. Is this a possiblilty?

    Thanks for any help you can share with me that you have found that works.

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    I sometimes just place the firearm (in a second holster) under my thigh while driving...depending upon the area and a need for the quickest access. (The original holster stays IWB.)

    I still have no problem drawing from my strong side while in the car.
    If I thought a passenger MIGHT touch the weapon, it wouldn't leave my IWB holster.

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    When I need to get it out of my waistband for comfort, I just place it in the pocket inside the driver's door. That way, nobody can reach it but me, and I am conveniently left handed.

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    Hummm... maybe a crossdraw type holster with a belt clip that you could leave in the vehicle then just clip it on and move your weapon?
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    Andrews Leather Carjacker Crossdraw.

    Got one and use it when driving more than short distances. I put mine on my seatbelt then transfer weapon from IWB to it after I buckle up and back again at the other end. You can pull your shirt over it while driving for concealment. Sam is also a class act to deal with.
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    What's wrong with the glove compartment?

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    One of these could be installed in your car. Or all over your house.
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