Anyone carry their J-frame snub IWB ??

Anyone carry their J-frame snub IWB ??

This is a discussion on Anyone carry their J-frame snub IWB ?? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just wondering, I did a search, but didn't turn up much specific info about carrying snubs IWB. My main CCW is a Glock 36 which ...

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Thread: Anyone carry their J-frame snub IWB ??

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    Smile Anyone carry their J-frame snub IWB ??

    Just wondering,

    I did a search, but didn't turn up much specific info about carrying snubs IWB.

    My main CCW is a Glock 36 which I carry IWB. However since having a snub nosed revolver again(Been without one since the late 60's when my Colt Cobra was stolen) I find I carry it more and more.

    I have a pocket holser and a belt holster for my J-frame. Both are of good quality and work fine for most situations. I mostly pocket carry, but use the OWB holster ocassionally with a sweater or jacket.

    Sometimes both pocket carry and the OWB leave something to be desired, which is why I thought of asking the board members about their IWB experiences.

    I know the snub is a small gun, and some may say there is not much to be gained by carrying such a small pistol IWB.

    I was thinking of something that is easy to put on and take off(clip attachment?). With the possibility that it could be used on the weak side as a cross draw when driving, etc.

    Let me hear your thoughts and opinions, with some possible suggestions on specific holsters that might be suitable.


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    The clip-grip idea supposedly works. Today I have my snub in a SmartCarry, but I have a K&D Cochise Defender IWB I like and use frequently as a "dress holster".

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    I do (S&W 637) with a Comp-Tac CTAC.

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    I usually use Smartcarry but do use IWB tuckable some.
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    I have a Desantis Tuck-This, a couple of soft Uncle Mike's and a clip-on from Black Hills. The softies are hard to beat for comfort and the Desantis is adjustable for crossdraw. I don't worry too much about ease of reholstering, since I figure that if I've had to take my pistol out, returning it with one or two hands is probably lower on my list of problems.

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    I have a Galco IWB for my 442. Attaches with a hook under the belt, is reasonably comfortable, but not easy to take off and relocate and forget reholstering. Take my experience with a grain of salt, I received my permit 2 days ago, so my experience is very limited.

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    I carry my snubbie with Barami Hip Grips. Works for me, but only available in right hand.

    " Barami Hip-Grip® - Most Comfortable and Convenient Way to Carry a Concealed Weapon

    The Barami Hip Grip® is the most comfortable and convenient way to carry a concealed weapon. It's recommended for use by Plain Clothesmen, Detectives, Off-Duty Policemen, Retail Businessmen, Truck Drivers, Bodyguards, Security Personnel and any other authorized citizen.

    The Barami Hip Grip® is a set of stocks (replacement). The right grip panel has an "extension" that flares away from the gun slightly, creating a surface that when inserted inside the waistband (trousers, shorts, skirts, etc.) it hooks over it."
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    Smile Hbe Iwb

    I carry a 642 in my HBE IWB and found it to be very comfortable as I'm not a thin guy and was initally a little concerned. It is a great addition to the carry options for the J frame.

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    I use a Bianchi Model 6 waistband holder. It's soft, comfortable, and exactly what you're looking for.

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    I just started carrying my 360 Sc IWB now that its getting cold. Uncle Mikes - its an inexpensive way to try out IWB.

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    Back in the 70’s I use to carry a small S&W 38 special in a cheep no name brand IWB leather holster with a spring clip, in the small of my back. Traded the 38 for a Walter PPK’s and for over 25 years, I’ve carried the Walther the same way.

    After a while it gets uncomfortable in the car, but works great for going to dinner, and if you’re warring a small jacket it’s very concealed, and yet you can get to it quickly.

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    I ONLY carry my S&W 36 IWB, a Bianchi Model 100 Professional. Very well made and extremely comfortable. Very easy to switch from strong side carry to cross draw for driving. I wore that rig crossdraw for a 6-hour drive last weekend with no discomfort. I love my little snubby and that holster. (My M36 is loaded with 158gr LSWCHP standard pressure Buffalo Bores)
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    I carry a 642 or 940 in a Tucker cover-up smooth leather out w/c-clip. It is easy on and off. Also pocket carry both. Iwb carry 95% of time. Also have Galco shoulder holster and smart carry. I have more holsters and options for my j-frames than for my other autos and revolvers.

    MN Lefty

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    +1 on the Barami Hip Grip.. the most comfortable way to carry a 642 IMO.

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    I primarily carry a 1911 but I also carry a 638 J frame when clothing dictates or I'm working in the shop during the work day. I can carry IWB in a FIST Kydex tuckable, pocket in a PCS Black Bird or in a chest band. I also saw an Andrews McDaniel II IWB I really liked. There are so many ways you can carry a J frame as primary or backup.
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