Cant questions?How to figure out what "oclock" to carry IWB?

Cant questions?How to figure out what "oclock" to carry IWB?

This is a discussion on Cant questions?How to figure out what "oclock" to carry IWB? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Anybody carry at 1/2 o'clock? I'm trying to find a suitable place for IWB for my Springfield XD40SC. My problem is my love handles,and slight ...

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Thread: Cant questions?How to figure out what "oclock" to carry IWB?

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    Cant questions?How to figure out what "oclock" to carry IWB?

    Anybody carry at 1/2 o'clock? I'm trying to find a suitable place for IWB for my Springfield XD40SC. My problem is my love handles,and slight gut (yeah yeah.) . I don't feel comfortable having it on my back b/c when I sit down it will be so uncomfortable. I hate the fact that right now my only carry option(XD) is a shoulder rig and cover shirt. (dickies work shirt unbottoned.)

    I'm also trying to understand "cant".

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    Understanding Cant/Holster Rake
    Click on this link ~ Courtesy Of Matt Del Fatti Gunleather.

    OH and check out his Holster Gallery.
    His holsters are mind boggling - they are done so doggone well.
    Here is the Del Fatti Holster Photo Gallery
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    hmm. I dunno about an xd but I carry my 1911's (4" and fullsize 5") at 4ish IWB. I'm guessing you're just going to have to try out different locations around your belt and see what works best.

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    I find IWB carry very comfortable at 4:00-4:30...

    1:00-2:00? You're going to look like that 'photographic mind' actor on 'Criminal Minds'.....don't know how he could like that position!

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    Experimenting with your holster, is the only way to see what works for you. Most right handed folks find anywhere from 3 to 5 o'clock position suits them. My guns rides best, when the holster's front edge is just behind the side seam of my slacks. The angle you carry it at is also subject to experimenting, along with how deep ( high or low ) you carry the gun. I like the butt angled forward, and the holster just above the belt line for my IWB M Tac holster, when carrying my G27.Your holster will also tend to mold itself to your body after being worn for a while, which also will add to the comfort of your wearing it. A new holster might feel a bit annoying at first, but after a few hours or days of wearing it, it should start to settle in. At least that has been my experience. Of course having a good gun belt also will add to the support of carrying the gun and your comfort.

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    I agree with retsupt99, I carry slightly more toward the rear 04:00 - 04:30 too. It brings the butt of the gun closer to my body.

    I use a Milt Sparks VersaMax-II IWB and yes, I have "love handles".
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    Being a lefty I do it sort of backwards. I regularly carry full size Sigs at 8:00 or so. I too have them handles and a gut so I know where you are coming from. Let me tell you, with the right holster in the right position, it just sort of vanishes!
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    its very different for every person.
    its not a simple question of gut size.
    get a nice very adjustable holster (such as ctac)
    and just try every single position at every single cant.
    it will take a while, but worth it.
    most find around 4 the best, but i dont like that at all
    i carry at 3

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    I carry at 3:30 to 4:00 with a slight cant forward in a Crossbreed Supertuck with my PT111, with my Bersa Thunder in a Desantis Tuck This I carry at about 4:00 but the extra mag ends up at 3:30.

    I can't see how forward of 3:00 would work if you sit much during the day, seems like it would dig into your leg and be very uncomfortable.

    Good luck with the process, it may take a few tries, but don't give up.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    i wear my xd9 sc in a crossbreed supertuck at 4:30. I wear it all day and into the evening in that position and can not tell the gun is there. I think a persons body type has a big impact on where they can wear their IWB. It's just trial an error, don't give up you will find your sweet spot.

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    Appendix IWB is a great solution. When a customer is looking for that position to wear, I suggest zero cant seems to work best based on my experience.

    Hope that helps.

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