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Smartcarry Holsters ?? I Don't Get It

This is a discussion on Smartcarry Holsters ?? I Don't Get It within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by 45MINK I mean no offense to anyone who uses a SMARTCARRY holster . I just don't get it . It's slower than ...

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Thread: Smartcarry Holsters ?? I Don't Get It

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    Quote Originally Posted by 45MINK View Post
    I mean no offense to anyone who uses a SMARTCARRY holster . I just don't get it . It's slower than an ankle rig ! If you had to pull your gun , you can't do it fast enough to get the drop on an attacker . God forbid you "guys" put your finger on the trigger before clearing your waistband . I'm just curious if all of you that use these holsters , are they just for a backup gun or for your main carry gun ???? I ask because alot of people on this site seem to brag about this line of holsters and how they love them . It seems to be an inconveinent way to carry. IMO
    Most of those who don't think a SmartCarry is any good DON'T have one!

    For "deep" concealment they're great! Nobody ever said it was the best concealed carry holster. It's a special purpose holster that does it's INTENDED job exceptionally well. When you absolutely can not be discovered... get a SmartCarry!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    When you wear a Smart Carry, do you need to wear pants that 1 or 2 sizes too big?
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    Quote Originally Posted by miklcolt45 View Post
    "Hi, I'm Larry Craig, and I'm glad to see you.
    Let me show you my gun. Just tap your foot if you want to see it.

    No, really!"
    You got me laughing out loud...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SailorWatson View Post
    When you wear a Smart Carry, do you need to wear pants that 1 or 2 sizes too big?
    I usually wear my pants a little big although I'm sure you'd be fine with most any pants as long as they weren't skin tight stone washed jeans from the 80's.

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    of course it has its place.
    imo its the deepest concealment u can get, and it even works for larger guns.
    yea it may be slow, but its faster than not having a gun at all!

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    I find the smartcarry is much more comfortable than IWB. I carry a snubby 357 all day in it and usually forget I have it on. Not as fast on the draw as my IWB but I still wear it more often than the IWB. I also work in a very labor intensive enviroment that requires deep concealment as I also deal directly with the public all day and getting made is not acceptable.
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    Smart Carry allows one to wear a much wider selection of clothing than OWB or IWB carry options.

    It is virtually invisible even with a large weapon.

    I can comfortably go about my day without constantly checking my state of concealment during sitting, standing, squatting, reaching, bending, scratching, etc.

    Those that complain, err correctly point out, that it may take an extra second to draw than a hip mounted holster, perhaps envision much more of a wild west fast draw competition than I. If I was unlucky enough or unprepared enough to find myself looking down the barrel of a gun before I knew it was there, then I would not be attempting to draw my weapon regardless of holster type without first gaining some sort of tactical advantage. IE: defensive movement/retreat to cover, distraction, etc.

    If someone already has the drop on me then the extra second saved by a hip mount could of course make the difference, but I would rather spend that time creating a situation more favorable to my survival than basically asking the guy to pull the trigger of that gun he already has pointing at me.

    If the offending gun is close enough my best option might be offensively attacking with a knife (Emerson Karambit) which I consistently demonstrate to unbelievers that I can draw and have in the throat of a target in less than half a second.

    So the SmartCarry is not the holster for those that want the absolute fastest draw possible. If however you believe there are other considerations involved, then the SmartCarry should find a role in your personal self defense plan.

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    I use one only when I have too. I've never used an ankle holster, but I think reaching down to retrieve the gun leaves you unbalanced. Be easy for someone just to push you over. I prefer to remain upright where I can see whats going on. LIke others have said, the Smartcarry has its place. It's better than some and not as good as others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SailorWatson View Post
    When you wear a Smart Carry, do you need to wear pants that 1 or 2 sizes too big?
    I don't find that necessary. I wear it with every kind of pants I have, including jeans that fit fairly tight, which I wear most often.

    In the future, I'll buy pants a bit bigger, but mainly for IWB comfort rather than Smartcarry needs.

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    I have one and I use it from time to time when I need to really deeply conceal. I can draw from my SmartCarry much, much fast than I can from an ankle rig and it is way more comfortable than one as well.

    Honestly, I know it looks like it should be uncomfortable but they are not. In fact, it is easily one of the most comfortable holsters I own. And, when worn the way they are designed to be worn, they are not slow to draw from at all.

    They have their place and they work very well.
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    It is not my favourite method but it is the one able to be used in more places than any other.

    When worn properly Smartcarry can be very fast. I can have my S&W Mdl 60 out in 2 seconds or less, even sitting.

    Is it as fast as an OWB rig with a loose outer garment? Of course not.

    Can you wear it many places that such a rig and mode of dress are not acceptable? Damn Straight!

    Speed is not really a huge problem. I am not looking to "get the drop" on anyone since I depend on situational awareness to take care of my being ready when needed. Trouble does not come out of the blue 99% of the time. Simply being aware of a possible situation and hooking your off hand's thumb into the front of your waistband allows you tomake the draw as quickly, if not quicker, than a traditional IWB with a cover garment. Nobody is also going to question you hooking your thumb in your waistband like they would you pulling a cover garment out of the way to expose a weapon.

    You also are not going to have your finger on the trigger during the draw because of how you grip the weapon. The trigger is within this "pocket" while your trigger finger rides the outside of the pocket. If you are dumb enough to pull the trigger on the draw with any holster you are likely to shoot yourself so I see no disadvantage here.

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