What do you all think of this product

What do you all think of this product

This is a discussion on What do you all think of this product within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; What do you all think of this product for car carry of small pistol? Andrews Carjacker Crossdraw I use his pocket holster but can't possibly ...

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Thread: What do you all think of this product

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    What do you all think of this product

    What do you all think of this product for car carry of small pistol?

    Andrews Carjacker Crossdraw

    I use his pocket holster but can't possibly retrieve gun while seated in car. It is weird when at the ATM drive up. No way to react if need be.

    I don't like IWB. OWB has never seemed right for me either, but
    looking at the pics of this "carjacker crossdraw" it looks like a long shirt would easily cover it, and draw would be fast.

    Anyone care to comment.

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    I Assume you just want to use it while driving. If so , I have a driver holster , but rarely use it. I don't like to have to take it off everytime before getting out of the car. It's good for long trips. If you're looking for a drivers holster, it looks fine to me.
    You didn't have a link, I posted it below.....


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    Looks ok, but it's kind of out there in the open for anyone to see who pulls up next to you in a mini-van or truck.

    Might make some people nervous! I like to be more discrete!
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    Alternative suggestion

    The holster shown certainly looks like it would do the job while seated in the car. I'll bet it would print on the shirt if you were walking around with it, however, because of the large Sig P220 shown and the position of the gun on the belt. So it would strictly be a dedicated driving holster in my opinion.

    If you want a gun and holster that is reachable while driving, yet would be suitable for use elsewhere, you might consider a small semiauto in a Comp Tac "2 O'clock" appendix carry holster:

    Comp Tac 2 O'Clock web page

    I have one of these for a Kahr MK9 and it works fine. The gun barrel and holster are very short, so they don't dig into you when seated. And because it is in front, it is not blocked by the car seat when driving. The concealment while walking around is excellent using a shirt worn out, if you have a fairly flat stomach. And the draw from appendix carry is very fast, probably faster than strong side hip carry.
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    I have one and use it a lot. You can snap it on your belt or seat belt. Mine stays attached to my seat belt. I get in, buckle up, transfer (discretely) from IWB to Car Jacker and pull my shirt over it. Pistol is positioned just over my left leg and under my shirt. Very comfortable and a fast draw if needed. Much faster than trying to reach for my IWB with a seat belt on and the console in the way. It's not designed to be worn as a "walking around" cross draw holster but meant for car carry.
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    To much work to me to keep on changing holsters I'll just stick to door carry or between the seat.

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