Anyone carry on their opposite side?

Anyone carry on their opposite side?

This is a discussion on Anyone carry on their opposite side? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am a right handed shooter but was thinking of picking up a left hand holster to practice carrying on my offside and becoming more ...

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Thread: Anyone carry on their opposite side?

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    Anyone carry on their opposite side?

    I am a right handed shooter but was thinking of picking up a left hand holster to practice carrying on my offside and becoming more proficient with my offhand? A mistake or something worth looking into? Anyone carry this way?

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    Hmmm....I'm not sure why you would do this....I have practiced shooting off-hand, but not carry/draw off handed. Seems to me like you might be putting yourself at risk to practice this way. If you had to draw for real, I think your brain and muscle memory is going to stick with your right hand in a flight or fight scenario, which could cost you. Practice shooting, but not carrying off hand.

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    At one time I thought of it as a way to carry when driving, but I don't drive enough for it to be useful. I do carry a Kel-Tec P32 in my left front pocket most of the time. When I need to pocket carry something other that a BUG I put the Charter Bulldog .44 Special in the left front pocket. I practice with both left handed primarily. If I have to use one of them I want to be familiar with pulling it and using it from that side.

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    I shoot and train with both hands and carry that way as well.
    I've had no problems under stress remembering how to draw and on which side.

    - Janq
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    If you just want to be proficient from both sides, go for it. If you are more interested in developing the training to use your weak side in the event your strong side becomes disabled, then you could practice instead doing weak-side one-handed reloads---the usual technique would be using your strong side holster as a cross-draw (not a great-fitting cross-draw, but still doable). It just depends on what you want the end result of the practice to be.

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    I have a small K&D rig for my R9 and can wear that weak side for BUG use - but primary stays as usual strong side.

    What is good practice is weak hand draw from strong side - as might occur if strong hand damaged.
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    im no scientist, but i say go for it, being 100% ONE-WITH-THE-GUN so to speak should be every shooters goal imo.

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    I have my hunting holster rigged for cross draw. Only reason is it’s easier to get in and out of the truck. While I shoot a few rounds each year, with my left hand, never considered trying to learn to draw with it.

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    Which is REALLY my strongside?

    I am right-handed, but left eye dominant. The only time I have ever shot a rifle right-handed was in boot camp. However, I used to wear, and shoot hand guns right handed. At 23 I lost a tendon in my right index finger, and it only closes to <90 degrees. Some days I can fire all day long with my right hand, others I couldn't fire the first shot of a DA.

    The right hand is a more "natural" grip, but I can fire equally well left handed. Although I have right and left versions of all my holsters, I find myself, in old age, not fighting my "problem". For CC, I only carry left handed. My advise is, if you can become more proficient at anything, go for it.


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    Sure do. That way you know how to draw on either side and I generally carry that way. Here is a pic of two that I carry that way.


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    Yep, I carry my Kimber IWB strong side and I carry a J frame BUG IWB weak side. I personally think it is a good idea. However, I am sure that some think that I am a nut case.

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