Need Help Carrying

Need Help Carrying

This is a discussion on Need Help Carrying within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I need to figure out a new way to carry. I havent carried in so long because it's just too cumbersome. I am hoping someones ...

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Thread: Need Help Carrying

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    Need Help Carrying

    I need to figure out a new way to carry. I havent carried in so long because it's just too cumbersome. I am hoping someones has an idea or seen something that might help. I am a Realtor first of all, so half of my day is in an office and the other half is lookin at houses. I have shown some pretty shady neighborhoods and thats when I wish I was carrying. I carry two different guns....lately, just one, H&K p2000 sk. My other carry is a kimber CDP 4". I find the H&K is easier to carry and the kimber is too nice to carry. I just bought a shoulder Galco Miami Rig and played with it for 5 minutes. Already I know its gonna be a huge process to put on and take off. I had the idea to almost stitch it into my coat but that will never work. I wear a big P coat so it will conceal fine but to put on that rig, takes like 5 minutes of adjusting. I am hoping someone has seen something or customized their shoulder rig to be put on and take off effortlessly. I will figure this out one way or another and post whatever I can find out. Any advice is appreciated!!!

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    K, the easiest for me: I wear a Kobra Carry in a Milt Sparks Watch 6 with the clips. It's simple to put on and take off and of course similar to your Kimber. My always with carry is a S&W 342pd in a Nemesis pocket holster, and recently I've grown really to like a KT PF-9 in a Comp-Tac Two O'clock appendix carry. It so impressed me that I ordered one for a Colt New Agent I got for Christmas.
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    A Milt Sparks VM2 is my suggestion.
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    Yeah, if you can get a Milt Sparks VM II or anything like it you'll be pretty happy. IWB belt carry at the 3:30 / 4:00 position is something that you should probaby try to adopt.

    Same deal with Kydex - IWB will be your most concealable option. Check out or other top-shelf kydex place - very thin and fast.

    There are a lot of photos of people carrying this way on another thread:

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    Put that Kimber in a VM-II and you'll never look back! Nice schmice, it was meant to use!
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    what exactly is the issue? are you looking for something that be put on or taken off quickly? or is a typical belt/IWB holster uncomfortable?

    if all you need is something quick on and off, look at a good quality paddle holster. likewise, an IWB holster with clip-style attachments is very quick on and off.

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    too nice to carry!
    that just doesn't make any sense.
    i can see too nice to not shoot it all the time at the range.. but carry?

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    Need Help Carrying
    For a minute there I was thinking somebody wanted me to carry one of their pistols on a full time basis! Darn the luck. If you really need help in that department, I'll give you my FFL's address so you can ship as many firearms as you need help with!

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    Maybe a bit more info will help us suggest what might work for you. do you wish for the pistol to be concealed with or without a coat on? Does IWB not work for you? Have you tried a paddle holster for easy on/off? Have you considered pocket carry in your coat?
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    I have a few suggestions.

    1. Buy a smaller gun that you can pocket carry. J-frame, Kel-tec or similar sized gun.
    2. IWB carry or IWB tuckable goes a long way in concealing the gun.
    3. Snap feature holster would work well.

    Let us know what you generally wear. If you take your coat off, then don't put the gun in your coat pocket unless going into or out of the car.

    Hope this helps.

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    I am gonna look into some of those holseters....but I am looking for something that slips on and off easier than this shoulder rig. I wear a paddle holster when im not at work and have no problem with it. But i live in Connecticut so its freezing right now and with work cloths I wear longer coats everyday to work. No suit jacket though so I am usually just wearing a button up. The longer coats make it hard as hell to get at in the car and I am in and out so frequently that I cant keep putting on and taking off my coat. Also I drive with clients in the car all the tiime and dont want to make it an known thing. I have played with this shoulder rig a little more and have already done away with the mag carrier. I am gonna figure a way to be able to put on the side with the holster first, then the other side, and then sinch it down. I am not a small guy and just find it too hard to try and put on the rig when its all fitted. Honestly I cant believe something like this doesnt exist. Thank you guys very much for your advice again....I really apprecite it!!!!

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    I carry IWB using Comp-Tac clips. With Comp-Tac clips, I can roll the belt out and remove the holster in a flash. I can put the holster back on relatively quickly while driving, then I'll pull over and put the gun back in it. (Ohio law makes it a felony to touch my gun while driving)

    Other options would be a pocket gun of some sort. Yes, a .45 beats a .380, but a .380 in your pocket beats a .45 in your safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kjb914 View Post
    I need to figure out a new way to carry. I havent carried in so long because it's just too cumbersome. I am hoping someones has an idea or seen something that might help. I am a Realtor first of all, so half of my day is in an office and the other half is lookin at houses.
    It is my opinion that a realtor will always need a briefcase or some type of case with him in connection with his office work and to stow his papers and brochures needed for showing properties. I have soft laptop computer case which also serves as a briefcase. The outer pocket holds only my pistol, and closes with a velcro flap. Unless you think that you need your firearm attached directly to your body, that is the next best solution. It is readily accessible and safe.

    This setup works well for me as a lawyer. Of course, that particular briefcase that can never be taken to the courtroom.

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    Check out the Project X system from Galco. It works great for me for quick on off. As with any holster - it has it's pros & cons - but quick on/off is a big pro

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    I agree with MNBurl. You should be able to pocket carry a J-Frame or small Kel-Tec if you're wearing dress pants. Or you could wear one in a tuckable IWB holster and blouse your shirt over it. You should even be able to carry your .45 in a tuckable IWB with out any problems.
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