Sometime in mid January 2007, I spoke to Gary on the phone about placing an order, great guy to speak with, he gave me some good advice and I told him to expect my snail mail order in the next few days.
I was told 8-12 weeks but not to expect 8. I mailed my order for a MCV on 1/26/07.

Nearly six months later, in July, I emailed Gary to see if my order was received (I never received any correspondence that it was) and to also inquire about adding a mag pouch to my order.

I received a reply that all was well, the mag pouch addition would be no problem and my order would be "out in the next few weeks". He also added the text from the policy that is currently posted on his website concerning the "is it done yet?" phone calls and emails.

One day after the reply, my card was charged approximately half the cost of the holster. This had me thinking positive, but that is now five months ago.

I'm sitting here at eleven months and reading that some folks are at 18 months, other guys are getting them out of stock from Coal Creek with no wait. It appears that I'm not the only one at or near my wait time.

I've kept up on the skinny here and I realize that Gary has experienced many problems, loss of loved ones, health issues, and also professional issues with material suppliers.
I think I’ve read every one of his posts concerning the issues.

With the “no contact” mandate (except to cancel), I've not bothered him with any more phone calls or emails, I have no idea of what to do. I don't want to cancel and I hope that my post here won't negatively affect my delivery time.
I also fully expect that the quality will not be compromised due to feeling rushed.
I just wish I could get a realistic idea of when my order will be completed.

Please understand that this is not a personal attack on Gary, I just don’t understand the idea of having taken somebody’s money and being warned not to contact them about the order.

How many other folks are in the same boat as me?