"Soft" holsters

"Soft" holsters

This is a discussion on "Soft" holsters within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Any big (I mean HUGE) drawbacks to using the nylon holsters like Uncle Mikes and the like? I'm expecting to undergo rotator cuff surgery on ...

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Thread: "Soft" holsters

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    "Soft" holsters

    Any big (I mean HUGE) drawbacks to using the nylon holsters like Uncle Mikes and the like?
    I'm expecting to undergo rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder soon and will need a left hand holster for my PT145 MilPro or my SP101. The family budget won't allow spending a bunch of $$ for a temporary situation.
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    Just my 2c but I reckon ''soft'' rigs can be more trouble than they are worth.

    True they'll 'hold the gun' - but having no stiffness they seem to tend to bounce around and - worst of all with some - it takes two hands to get a fast draw.

    I'd consider if affordable as a temp fix, maybe a small Don Hume belt slide. Or maybe too Dillon might have something leather and affordable. I guess even a Kydex paddle could be considered as long as retention wasn't too severe for an easy draw.
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    I always had used an Uncle Mikes Sidekick holster. I have had no trouble with it myself. I just do not insert mine inside my pants, but rather under the belt and over the pants. This way my pants dont fit so tight!
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    I don't see any HUGE problem with one. I have an Uncle Milkes for my S&W 686, I don't use it to carry, just for the gun's protection more than anything. They are not the best but for a temp deal I think you will be just fine with one.

    Actually, I would try a Don Hume holster as well. They are pretty good for the money.

    You can get into a waist band clip on for less than $30.00 for the PT145.


    Same with the SP101


    My thinking is that you could sell it when you are finished with it an come real close to recouping the cost as little as it is or just call it goos and keep it if you ever need it again.

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    For similar money you can get a decent kydex rig. It's money far better spent and you can probably get part of your money back by selling them once you're healed.
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    Prolly not temporarily but I used my sling when I had that surgery!

    By the way, there are a couple things you might want to practice "left handed" if you're "right handed". With a little thought I'll bet you can think of them!

    I didn't until the need arose...
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    I say go with a Fobus paddle holster their good holsters and their expensive. I have one for my XD and I enjoy using it. Here are two link to their web site.



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    I use an Uncle Mike's Sidekick holster for my Kel-Tec P32 INWB appendix or right side just behind front pocket. Either way it's quite comfortable.

    Safe and sane shooting everyone,


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    I think perhaps the best buy in a holster is Don Hume's JIT model. It is leather, very well made, fits like a glove, is plenty stiff for easy reholstering, and it costs only $23. What's not to like?

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    I personally think everything has a place. I love the nylon holsters and the kydex. I am allergic to most leathers (due to dye) and without these holsters I would have a hard time carrying.

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    I have a High Noon that's made from glove leather. It was very cheap and that's about what it's worth, too. I've learned that I really don't like any holster with NO mouth reinforcement.

    EDIT: Just so no one gets the wrong idea, I wasn't trashing High Noon. This holster was under $30.00 and it's tuckable and adjustable for retention. It's made pretty well but I just can't get past the whole "no reinforcement" thing.
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    If I were going to use a soft nylon holster I would look for one with a thumbstrap. My uncle mikes open top models have no retention, once I used one IWB and the gun worked its way up and almost out of the holster from normal movement.

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    I used an Uncle Yikes IWB for a while for my 642. It was a joke...
    ( not funny haha either )...

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    Some of them are OK for carrying in the woods when you aren't concerned with concealability. None of them I have tried are any good for carrying concealed as the butt of the gun always sticks out and flops around. Against my better judgement I recently purchased the Bianchi Evader after seeing it in a magazine. I found it to be worthless and it now sits in a box in my garage with my other worthless holsters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sisco View Post
    Any big (I mean HUGE) drawbacks to using the nylon holsters like Uncle Mikes and the like?
    I'm expecting to undergo rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder soon and will need a left hand holster for my PT145 MilPro or my SP101. The family budget won't allow spending a bunch of $$ for a temporary situation.
    If you can stretch your budget just a bit, consider a Kydex rig from Comp-Tac.

    I have their Pro Undercover Holster for my Sig P239 and it's an amazing holster for $50.

    Excellent construction and fit. Fast delivery. The convenience of a clip on and it conceals well too.


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