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Thumb Break or Not?

This is a discussion on Thumb Break or Not? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A well designed thumb break won't slow you down all that much. The trick is to train using it. I have found that many will ...

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Thread: Thumb Break or Not?

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    A well designed thumb break won't slow you down all that much. The trick is to train using it. I have found that many will go to the range and unsnap the break when they reach the line. They won't resnap until they leave the line. If anything happens on the street the only thing they have practiced is pulling the gun out of the holster and firing it; they will flub the draw. Practice with the break snapped before the draw (draw from a snapped holster). I use only one holster that does not have a thumb break and that is a Fobus paddle for a SIGPRO SP2340. All my other holsters have a thumb break. Which ever you choose practice with it concealed and exposed. Go slow at first, make a fluid motion (smooth as a baby's oiled bottom), the speed will come as a result of the smooth motion. One other thing practice the draw with the gun unloaded. There are many stories of the guy who practiced his "fast draw" only to shoot himself in the foot or somewhere else; or shoot a TV set, mirror, or put a hole in the wall. Stay safe.

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    I carry in a very similar holster, (a Mitch Rosen Premier), and do not feel the need for a thumb strap retainer. I would suggest not to get it.

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    Don't like it, don't need it. Retention has never been a problem without one.
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    The only holster I've ever had in a thumb-break was a shoulder holster for my 1911. That was necessary. Anything else---no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by overplayed View Post
    I am going to get a holster for my Kahr P45, a #14 from Fist Inc, and can not decide whether or not to get the thumb break. What do you guys think?

    If that's one of their kydex holsters, you won't need a thumb break. I had one of their K3's for a Taurus PT111, and it just "snapped" firmly into place.

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    I use the carry loc from Bianchi and I also have a thumb break black widow and neither one slows me down in the least bit.

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    no break, even 1/2 a second can get ya killed
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    I desire no thumb breaks on IWB's like the VM2, CTAC, or Crossbreed. If I need thumb break retention, I use an OWB for the woods or shoulder rig like the Miami Classic II for long drives. In the 80's I did add a strap to my old Bianchi X15 because my Gold Cup popped up, out, and onto the gravel as the horse broke stride from gallop to trot.
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    Definitely NO thumb breaks for me!

    Also, my theory is especially if you have several holsters, make sure you either have thumb breaks on ALL of your holsters or don't have them at all.

    Last thing I need is when that time comes and I draw my weapon, I won't have time to think if I wore the one with thumb breaks of not.
    Not good!

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