Need some advice before I shed a tear...

Need some advice before I shed a tear...

This is a discussion on Need some advice before I shed a tear... within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My wife bought me a Galco Concalable for Christmas... I like the high ride, but it seemed to print on me so much so that ...

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Thread: Need some advice before I shed a tear...

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    Need some advice before I shed a tear...

    My wife bought me a Galco Concalable for Christmas... I like the high ride, but it seemed to print on me so much so that my neighbor saw my gun and asked what I was packing... sigh....

    I am to the point that I need to get something much better and I am looking at a few brnads (Milt-Sparks, Brommeland, etc) but I need something to use for now as most places don't have pre-made holsters for a Sig P228 (although I am sure I could get by with a 229 holster).

    I need to pick up something in the interim as I am still leary of spending $150 on something I can't touch and have no chance of a return (since its a custom piece).

    But I also need some advice on my final purchase... I have been looking at the Versa Max, the Max-Con V as well as a few others like...

    Are there any others I should consider?

    I can go IWB or OWB as I have clothes of multiple sizes... being a pilot I tend to either eat healthy for a few weeks or poorly... <VBG>

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    Look at Mitch Rosen. I got one of his express line Presidential OWB holsters in about 2 weeks for a Sig P239. Fair price, shipped quickly, works for me underneath a sweatshirt or jacket.

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    Ditto .. swear by Mitch Rosen
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    I agree, Mitch Rosen makes some killer leather and his Express stuff is not bad. I would buy a Comptac CTAC and use that until you can get a high end rig. I use my 228 in 229 non rail leather and it fits just fine.

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    Just received my Equalizer from Haugen Xmas Eve day. It was delivered within the timeframe specified and is top quality at half the price of the other holster makers. I would highly recommend Haugen Handgun Leather.
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    Please don't overlook I'm not affiliated, but great service, great product, $60ish bucks, If I recall correctly, and I heard that the wait time is down to a couple of weeks. I almost went with something on your list, but decided that I couldn't wait for 12-16weeks. Then I hear that people have waited for OVER A YEAR for their items. Anyway, check every company out thoroughly and know what your getting into. I give two big thumbs up for crossbreed.
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    The CB will give you a two week trial period. But if you need something off the shelf - the Bianchi brand is a good off the shelf brand to go with. If you have a Sportsman's Warehouse around - they stock plenty of holsters. Good luck.

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    I never have had a problem concealing a SIG P-220 in a Galco Concealable holster. I'm sure as heck not skinny either.

    Maybe you can try a looser fitting cover garment and save some loot till you get an IWB?
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    Just FYI the SIG 228 & 229 holsters should be interchangeable.
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    I picked up a crossbreed Supertuck for the shortterm as I need something for now and none of my local stores have anything that fits a 228 or a 229 non-rail for that matter.

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    The VM2 from Milt Sparks, and looser clothes.
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    MTAC from Comp-tac. You'll get it inside a week, most likely.

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    In 30 years of carrying, two OWB holsters have stood out. One is the Galco Concealable. It carries, as you say, high, and tight to the body yet offers one of the best draw postions I've ever used. If you can't hide your CCW with it, you may need to transition to IWB style. That or change your mode of dress to accomodate your CCW, which you have to do with any holster regardless.

    The other holster is a similar Galco, so I'll mention one which I just recently purchased for a Kahr P45, a Mitch Rosen Premier. Not as nice or well made as the Galco, but a carry worthy rig certainly.

    Hard to compare those two directly as one CCW is the Kahr and the other was a HK. Perhaps I printed now and again with the Concealable and HK but I've learned to ignore the pistol and not worry about being perfectly discreet. Fiddling and fidgeting with one's CCW is usually more of a giveaway than anything.

    I can't stand IWB carrying so I've no recommendation to offer there other than to try it first before you spend big bucks. Some people like it...some don't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rgreenpc View Post
    My wife bought me a Galco Concalable for Christmas... I like the high ride, but it seemed to print on me so much so that my neighbor saw my gun and asked what I was packing... sigh.... <VBG>
    That's unfortunate.

    I have the concealable paddle for my 3" Kimber, and it conceals very well, and if I remember correctly, the only difference is the paddle, which you would think would make it stick out more.

    The only bad thing I have to say about the holster is the shortest they come is for a 4" barrel, so I had a local leather maker shorten it 1". And now after using it for about 7 years, it is getting a little loose, but not awful.

    Conceals very well, as long as my belt it tight.

    Also noticed that my Wilderness belt makes it stick out farther than my leather belts. I m thinking because the Wilderness belt is a little thicker.
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