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George... I'm just old enough to doubt that I have had many or any great ideas. I'm now in the business of a few ideas in the okay to good range, here and there.

The Pager Pal-on-nightstand idea was an accident. (Sort of like Archimedes' discovery of measuring mass by displacement in a pool of water.) I was just looking for somewhere to put the wep where I could get to it. After much trial, I pulled the Pager Pal off one day and just hung it on the open drawer. Eureka! The rest, as the saying goes, is history. Now...to accidentally invent something marketable...

Michael, I could not resist poking a little fun. The only way I could have used the idea would have been for you to post it right after the original post in the thread. I post my offer and got one answer very quickly. So even if I had seen it before I shipped it, it would have gone. On a better note, Geo2020 has said that he will try it out for me when he gets the package.

Have a good one, brother.