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Why (squeak) does (squeak) leather (squeak) squeak so much @#$!

This is a discussion on Why (squeak) does (squeak) leather (squeak) squeak so much @#$! within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Haha - is it perhaps that a rig that squeaks is best suited to a ''mouse'' gun!? `...

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Thread: Why (squeak) does (squeak) leather (squeak) squeak so much @#$!

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    Haha - is it perhaps that a rig that squeaks is best suited to a ''mouse'' gun!?

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    I use Milt Sparks rigs exclusively, and yup, they squeak. I talked to the folks there and they said that the best thing to do was live with it. After a while the holster/belt interface breaks in and it goes away.? It's been a year and a half now.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by bugs100
    If your using a holster with slide holes, thread the belt around the front of the holster. Not through the back. It will bring the holster up against your body and hold it in place alot firmer. Squeaks are caused by the holster moving. Slide holsters can be used both ways
    I have been wearing my new set up from Kevin @K&D Holsters ever since I got it, and about 4 days ago it began to squeak like nobodys business. I did a search and found this post, I tried threading the belt on the outside, but it made drawing the gun much harder as there was added inward pressure against the gun. I rubbed a candle all over the contact points and it hasn't made a peep in 3 days. I recoated the wax this morning as I noticed it was all but gone.
    I noticed it only started squeaking once it wore through the shinny finish on the belt, but all is good now and I couldn't be happier with my new holster and belt.
    Kevin, I love this setup and will give a better more in depth report on it in a few months.

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    I had a Galco Concealable holster for a USP Compact that squeaked a lot. I did a good day's worth of drawing from the holster drills and now the squeak is has been reduced by about 90%.
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    Hmmm....I've not noticed this in the short time I've been carrying. I have a MS Summer Special for my SP101 and a couple from Kevin for my Glock and none of them seem to squeek. Of course I can't carry during the day at work so the most I carry is for maybe a couple of hours in the evening and on weekends. I guess that the Sparks is the only one with a loop like that. The Eagle Defender is OWB and the Cochise has clips that go over the belt. Is it just a function of these designs that make them squeek resistent?
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    I wonder if all leathers (cow, horse, shark, etc...) squeak equally, or if one is quieter than others? Perhaps a pebbled belt vs. plain belt might make a difference?

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    smooth vs. basketweave doesn't seem to make a diffrence.
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    Well, since I posted this "complaint", I've kinda switched to a Safariland 560 and I don't have a squeek with it. Great holster too.

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    Hi all!
    Squeak comes from one of two sources: First, when your holster/belt/mag pouch were made, the areas of the leather that were glued together were not properly bonded. This is usually due to a simple lack of attention to detail being paid in an attempt to speed up production. So, what is happening is that the layers of leather within the holster are rubbing together and moving ever so slightly. The only solution to this is to buy another holster from a different maker.
    Secondly (and more commonly) it is the junction between the belt/holster and /or belt/mag pouch that squeak. For these, the candlewax trick often works, as does the application of vaseline(which is rough on the finish and leather, though).
    What I've found that really works well for me is to dust the affected areas with talc or cornstarch (and use a soft cloth or horsehair shoe brush to dust off the excess). This may have to be re-done periodically, but eventually it (usually) becomes a permanant solution over time.
    I hope this helps. Good luck!

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    Gary hit the nail on the head on the two causes. As he state, if two pieces aren't adequately glued together then they will shift against each other with movement despite being stitched. This is an internal holster problem and there's not much you can do about it other than live with it or return it to the manufacturer. The second cause is friction between pieces of equipment binding against one another with movement, and is more prevalant with a tight fit. This squeak can go away as the equipment breaks in. Prior to the advent of nylon and kydex, it used to be joked amongst police that you could tell the rookie officers by their squeaking leather. It appears to be most common on the Nelson Professional style holsters with rear belt tunnel or a Rosen ARG style with sewn-closed loop. If the belt tunnel is very tight on the belt some squeaking can occur. I have not found it to be a common problem with any type of snap-over belt loop. As to various types of leather and exotics, I have found it seems to occur more frequently with the glossier hides. Shark is matte and tends to rather rubbery and spongy, which makes it seem like this may cause some squeak, but I have not found this problem with shark. On the other hand, my personal BHP rig is one of my In-Discernable IWBs with sewn-closed loop and matching belt in gloss alligator (seen on the home page of my site). The belt is a very snug fit through the sewn closed loop and will squeak on occassion with movement. ( Curiously, all is quiet if the holster is worn with a different belt or the belt with a different holster so the high-gloss alligator may be a contributing factor).My solution is to rub the edges of the belt with a gycerin bar (dampened). This doesn't damage the leather in any way and cures the problem. I have tried some of the other methods and they work too. I use the glycerin because it is technique that some custom saddlemakers use to actually burnish their edges smooth; so it is common to traditional custom leather-work. As to whether this squeak is actually a problem; 16 years in law enforcement have taught me that the general public is not very observant. I have been in situations where people haven't noticed someone wearing an exposed pistol, or even holding one completely exposed right next to them. In day to day routine, I think most people are too busy talking on their cell phone, day-dreaming, or focused on their personal agenda to notice your squeak. New belts can squeak, new shoes can squeak, new leather jackets can squeak; I don't think the general person would expect it was a holster even if they heard it and it registered. I think most folks that are new to carrying concealed are so concerned about being made that they give the general public too much credit and think everyone suspects they are carrying.
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    Excellent post Mark.

    Thank you for your learned experience.
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    When I used to hunt hogs and Javies in S. Texas on horseback we would use baby powder on our saddles to stop the squeaking. It worked well, didn't affect the leather and made your saddle smell a little better

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    My knees squeak. Any help for that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pistolwhipped
    My knees squeak. Any help for that?
    From what I have read here - Candle wax, oil, or baby powder should fix you up!! If you get out the whips and chains I'm outta here....

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