How to carry a Back up gun?

How to carry a Back up gun?

This is a discussion on How to carry a Back up gun? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Is it more trouble then it is worth to carry a backup gun weakside on or in the belt and train it like its your ...

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Thread: How to carry a Back up gun?

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    How to carry a Back up gun?

    Is it more trouble then it is worth to carry a backup gun weakside on or in the belt and train it like its your primary hand?

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    IMHO it is well worth the trouble. I train non dominant side regularly. One of the guys I work with is left hand dominant and we have traded duty rigs on some range days just to work the non dominant side.
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    I carry my bug accessible to either hand , it is after all a back up , not an off hand armament and tho i can shoot off hand well enough to qualify its not my choice if i have one i am not and never will be a " two gun cowboy " .
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    I carry my primary on my strong side hip and my back up on my strong side in a 5.11 back up system. If you're not familiar with the set up, it means I draw my backup left handed (I'm right handed). It is completely worth it IMO. When I can't wear my 5.11 gear for whatever reason, I carry my backup on my weak side hip, also for draw with my left hand. I train with both.

    Early in my career I learned to spot people concealed carrying just by watching them juggle items to keep their strong side free for draw. Now I mix up the way I carry items, at least, when I'm carrying both guns.
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    I think it kind of depends on your threat level. A LEO should definitely carry 2-3 guns just in case, but they are put in much more danger day to day than the average citizen.

    I feel perfectly safe carrying one weapon and see no need to take the effort to carry two, but i'm not in harms way daily.

    You need to evaluate your situation and decide how much danger you put your self in daily, IMHO.

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    I carry a NAA Guardian in either 32 or 380 at all times in a Nemisis pocket holster. This combo is simply to comfortable to not carry it. I don't think of it as a BUG but more like a secondary primary. There may be situations where drawing my G23 will draw to much attention, while a hand in the pocket doesn't get a second thought.
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    On the rare occasion that I carry my KelTec .380 as a BUG, it's either in a strong side pocket holster, or in a SOB holster at 5:30.
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    Weak side pocket holster in front, back or coat pocket always.

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    410/.45LC Derringer in my back rt pocket
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    I carry a S&W revolver non-dominate side right from pocket in a Safariland pocket holster. Hardly no weight to those light weight guns. My hand can be holding the gun in pocket and look non-threating.
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    Usually, my backup gun is another 1911 in my girlfriends purse!

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