Hi all,

While researching IWB holsters I can use for Appendix carry, I happened to run across the Blackhawk CQC Inside the Pants Holster:


The description is as follows:

For deep concealment, a secondary weapon, working undercover or just off-duty, this is the ideal choice. Features a shirt shield to keep leather between the slide and your body, to increase comfort and prevent your shirt from blocking the holster. Angle-adjustable belt loop is mounted to reinforced upper body for stability.

• Adjustable tension-screw gives you the choice on level of
• Rotating, tension-lock belt loop allows use in a variety of
carry modes
• Molded sight track for smooth draw and re-holster

Has anyone tried this holster for Appendix carry? I'm currently carry a Glock 19 in a Sidearmor IWB holster with the 5 degree belt loop. It works pretty well, but I'm looking for something that has an adjustable cant and rides a bit lower. I think this may fit the bill.

Any first-hand or other comments on this holster? Thanks!