Appendix Carry Holsters, yes or no?

Appendix Carry Holsters, yes or no?

This is a discussion on Appendix Carry Holsters, yes or no? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok, everybody. I started thinking about this after reading one of the cross-draw threads, but I didn't want to hijack it, so I started this ...

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Thread: Appendix Carry Holsters, yes or no?

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    Appendix Carry Holsters, yes or no?

    Ok, everybody. I started thinking about this after reading one of the cross-draw threads, but I didn't want to hijack it, so I started this one.

    How many of you appendix carry, either IWB or OWB? Do you all think there is enough interest to warrant a standard design in appendix carry holsters? I will build anything on request as long as I think it's safe, but I have only had one question about this style of carry since I began making holsters (professionally or otherwise, and I made my first holster in '97 or '98).

    I see quite a few of you on here have tried this method of carry and it seems that Gabe Suarez advocates it. I think it would also work well for the folks that subscribe to the ShivWorks methods of CQB, as you don't "break" your wrist angle when drawing to a position of retention.

    Bottom line, I'm just asking your over all opinion of appendix carry, and if I should be adding this to my line up of standard holster types when I release my IWB holsters. What do you all think?
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    Yes, with conditions...

    A year ago I would not have considered appendix carry seriously. But now I find myself using appendix carry of a Kahr MK9 in a Comp-Tac 2 o'clock holster about 1/3 of the time.

    I began to consider appendix carry after buying this small 9mm steel gun and wondering how to carry it. The 25 ounce gun is small enough to pocket carry but rather heavy for this, so I was thinking about a belt holster. I read some Internet postings about appendix carry and saw the holster on the Comp-Tac website. I invested $50 or so in the holster and it has worked out quite well. Although it is a tuckable IWB holster, I do not use the tucking feature at present but simply wear it IWB with a cover garment like a sweater or sweatshirt.

    My feeling is that appendix carry is best suited to a short barrel gun with a short "two finger" grip, such as the Kahr MK9, Walther PPK or PPS, snubby revolver with boot grip, Glock 26/27, etc. If the grip is too long, it will tend to print in the "slide vertical" position required in appendix carry. And a flat gun is better than a thick gun, of course. I think that appendix carry also works best if the carrier's stomach is relatively flat, for obvious reasons. And the holster belt loop(s) should be offset from the gun's slide to keep the package as thin as possible. If the loop is substantial and the gun small, you can get by with one loop instead of two.

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    Ditto what Pogo said. I got a Comp-Tac for a PF-9 and couldn't believe how much I liked it. I ordered another one the same day that I got a Colt New Agent 3"1911 and am contemplating trying one for a P7M8.

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    I have two issues with appendix carry - although from a draw POV it is a most attractive proposition.

    First - a perceived discomfort/inconvenience re sitting ... that I admit is not confirmed thru experience yet. Plus too I can see this only applying to very short barrel guns .... and I like to be 'large'n'heavy' about 3.30 OWB.

    Second is the concealment aspect - I use cover almost any time of year which one way or another has enough length down the side to do a good job but - I rarely button anything up and so could see too much opening causing unwanted display.

    I guess another factor which is just personal is, I am spoiled with my carry environment and options and so have little need to find anything beyond what already works.
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    I appendix carry a Glock 26 with a High Noon Mr Softy. I used to find it comfortable, not it is not for some reason. I have not gained any weight. Maybe I wore the holster out? I would be interested in more leather options for appendix carry. I prefer ones where the grip rides just above the belt line.

    I may be wrong here, but I think that the appendix carry method has kind of a cult following. Many like to carry on their side because we have it ingrained in our brains that we're supposed to carry on our hip (like in all the movies - cops, cowboys, etc). I think that experts like Gabe Suarez have brought appendix carry more into mainstream thinking.

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    +1 P95Carry!

    I have a Mitch Rosen "Tito" that I carry my G-27 in occasionally... I have a gut I'm working on loosing but still, sitting drives that muzzle in to me and just plain hurts! I find I have to wear my pants/belt higher to relieve this.

    Body build will almost dictate if you can use this type of carry in my opinion.
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    For me, Appendix carry works well for smaller guns. Holsters with minimal thickness and a side guard helps with comfort.

    The one most people in my line uses for Appendix carry is the Minimal Clip or Tuck Clip. I use the Minimal Clip for mine most of the time.

    I hope this helps.

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    For those whose mode of dress and body shape allow it, I would highly recommend it.

    I didn't think much one way or another about it until I attended my first Force on Force class. Although I know Gabe Suarez likes it, he didn't push it at the class.

    He just said, "see what works for you".

    I used a Glock 19 Airsoft and started out strong side hip carry about 3:30.

    It didn't take long until almost all of us moved our holsters to the front. The difference in draw was astounding. And I'm not talking about rookies.

    Most of us in the class spend a lot of time practicing. It was amazing to see how under stress my nice neat crisp draw goes south in a hurry.

    As for difficulty concealing a big gun. . . . .I hung out with a guy last night who had a full size 45 cal Sig in an appendix holster covered by a baggy T-shirt. I didn't know he was armed until he told me. . . . .and try to notice if people are armed.

    +one for appendix carry!!!
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    Girls think I'm hung like a moose, but I just appendix carry a Super Blackhawk.

    EDIT: Seriously though, you'll probably get a few orders for these. Not as many as you'll get for 3:30 or so, but you'll attract the customers that had their minds set on appendix carry.

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    Appendix has become my carry choice. Depends on how you dress.

    The J frame fits best at an angle (shape fits body well). I have begun carrying a XD9SC in a High Noon Mr. Softy and a NAA 32 in Mr. Softy as well. I purchased them intending appendix carry testing.

    My suggestions would be adjustable cant, easy on/off clip and a sweat shield type of backing. Appendix carry can/does pinch (more with the autos). If you want to try something let me know.

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    No appendix carry for me...too uncomfortable...I just cannot imagine sitting down with that mode of carry.

    But then others would find SOB (really at 5:00-5:30) uncomfortable, but I don't even know it's there...even when sitting.

    Just shows that everyone is what works for YOU!

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    In force on force training, it's pretty much been proven that appendix carry results in faster draws on target.

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    I prefer appendix carry for my j-frame and short autos. I did, however, just get an MTAC for my M&P40c and it is one comfortable holster.

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    Love it. Makes total sense for me.
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    If I do go IWB with the 442 it's at appendix. My thoughts on appendix holsters;

    They need an adjustable cant (like an Andrews MacDaniel) to find the perfect fit either forwards or back.

    Since it's a one point attachment, they need a solid wide offset loop and not a clip that may pop off when sitting.

    Absolutely must be a minimalist holster with no extra length or bulk at the end of the barrel area /bottom of holster. The end of the barrel needs to be flush with the bottom of the holster.
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