Where do you put all that stuff?

This is a discussion on Where do you put all that stuff? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I know there is a post with pictures of how you carry. http://www.defensivecarry.com/vbulle...concealed.html I know there is a post with pictures about what do you ...

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Thread: Where do you put all that stuff?

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    Where do you put all that stuff?

    I know there is a post with pictures of how you carry.


    I know there is a post with pictures about what do you have in your pockets.


    But my question is, how do you carry all that stuff? I am being challenged just to have a knife, keys, wallet, cell phone, pepper spray and gun, let alone a spare magazine, flashlight and whatever else you guys carry. (Sitting in the car is not fun )

    Do you have pictures of how you carry everything?
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    Those guys with 15 pounds of gear must be carrying a backpack. I agree with you Pickle! I posted my important carry items here before, but it got deleted.

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    I don't have any pics for it, but I have a horzontal knife case that I put a mag in that's accessable for my weakside. Cellphone behind that. behind cellphone a knife case. Strongside 1911 or XD. flashlight in weakside rear pocket. Jackknife and keys in front strongside pocket (during the winter I carry a spare set of keys in the weakside front pocket so I can start pickup up and let it run for a couple of minutes).

    If I'm carrying a BUG from weakside to strong BUG, cellphone, knife, primary carry gun mag, Bug mag, and primary gun.
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    You need help, or maybe I do. My usual daily carry (unless I need to go heavier) consists of one fullsize gun right side, two flashlights and extra mag on left side, pocket knife in right, left and cargo pocket, OC, wallet, phone, metal pen in front shirt pocked (kubaton) and gum in cargo pockets and keys in right pocket (has small flashlight and multitool on it). Depending on the situation I can also carry an extra mag, BUG with extra mag (pocket holster or iwb crossdraw), and sheath knife (either side), but I must keep from getting too carried away. BTW, I'm 130lbs and 5'6". Maybe I do need help. . .
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    Hope you don't fall in a pond!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Husker View Post
    Hope you don't fall in a pond!
    Added: Bright orange arm floaties!
    Gun control can be blamed in part for allowing 9/11 to happen.
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    From these posts, some people carry more than I carry on my duty belt.(And I thought I didn't have much more room on duty belt) I have multitool, OC holder , double ASP cuff case, stinger flashlight case, radio holder, latex glove case, ASP baton holder, cuff strap, duty holster(safariland raptor for Glock 21), silent key holder and double mag pouch (have 2nd flashlight clipped to pouch). My knife is CRKT M-16 clipped weakside trouser pocket.

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    Minimum carry:
    EDC, M&P40c IWB @ 3:30
    cell on belt in front of IWB rig
    Kershaw Needs Work in right front pocket
    work keys w/kubaton in left front pocket
    wallet in right hip pocket

    Extended carry:
    Add dual mag carrier w/full size mags @ 9:30

    Fully Loaded:
    Add BUG, KelTec P-32 on clip @1:00 or 6:00
    Cree LED flashlite @ 9:00
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    S&W 642CT in a SmartCarry holster with 6 rounds in a Bianchi speedstrip in the "mag" pouch

    or in a K&D Defender IWB at 2:00 on a Duluth Trading 1-" heavy leather belt w/heavy steel buckle.

    An small NovaTec flashlight in my strong-side pants pocket with my keys with a dejammer/kubaton (flail) on the keyring.

    Spiderco Delica clipped to my support-side pocket and a Royce Leather wallet in that pocket.

    Sometimes a Leatherman Original in it's case at 10:00.

    Support-side rear pocket holds an extra full Bianchi speedstrip.

    Comb in strong-side rear pocket.

    Cell phone in a vertical case at 1:00.

    Sometimes I carry a hardwood fighting cane (bum knee).

    Running shoes and a clear/sober head.

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    Some of y'all need a man purse, lol!!!
    I carry a G23 strong side
    Weakside is my NF-S Flashlight/Cel Phone
    Left front pocket is keys, burts bees, CRKT Knife
    Right front NAA Guardian in a Nemisis Holster
    Right rear is two reloads in velcro pouch for Guardian
    Left rear is cowboy wallet

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    I generally keep my sidearm, 1 spare mag, a light, wallet, keys. I've been looking for a better way to carry some of this stuff without getting too "ninja-tacti-cool"......but I'm of the keep-it-simple-stupid line of thought. Just putting stuff in pockets gets buggy and I only like duty belts when actually on duty.
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    BE .40 full size in tucked IWB @ 4 o'clock
    Tack light at 2
    Knife at 2:30 (when I do carry it)
    Spare mag at 9 in knife holster
    Cell at 10
    Matching sets of keys on biker wallet chain incorporated to front IWB clip
    Card wallet in other back pocket
    Front pockets empty

    Coat or denim vest - Knife, compass, cigs, lighter, card wallet, BU knife, BU lighter, ear plugs, meter money, pipe and tobacco...This is what my wife refers to as my man purse.

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    A good pair of pants helps immensely.

    Here's my strong side, with my XD in its UBG Canute, cell phone, lighter, and my waved Endura.

    And my weak side, with the P3AT in its Graham K-RAT (large front pocket), Fenix P3D-CE, wallet, waved Delica, and three spare mags for the XD.

    This doesn't include the little first aid kit in the lower strong side cargo pocket, nor the gloves in the lower weak side cargo pocket (neither of which has any discernible weight). Notice that my front left large pocket and both back large pockets are empty, and the only thing in with the P3AT is the holster. That way, I can still stuff pens/receipts/gum/change/whatnot into my strong side pocket without worrying about getting something in the gun, or at the worst, just stuff empty magazines into them during a reload. The only thing that goes in a pocket with a gun is the holster - period.

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    I'm right there with you! I'm a minimalist by most standards around here.

    Kahr K9 IWB at 4:00. Spyderco Delica right back pocket. Very thin cell phone left front pocket. I'll carry a surefire e2e at 9:00 if I know I'm gonna be out after dark.....but I don't usually carry it during the day.

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    I wish I had pics... but here you have it..

    I carry my sig 239 on my left side OWB (3:30) in a FIST holster, my surefire 6P LED in a holster on my right (weak side) I carry two pocket knives (sometimes three) when it is two, one a Kershaw Leek pocket clips to my right rear pocket, and the Kershaw Chive is in my right front pocket along with change, & chapstick. (If I am carrying my third knife, a KBAR Law Enforcement TDI, it is beltclipped to the small of my back) My cell phone is on my belt by my surefire or in my left front pocket... my OC spray is in my coat pocket for very easy access... come summer time that will have to change. I carry a business card holder as a wallet... very, very thin, it goes in my left rear pocket. Any questions??

    I forgot to add, I am 5' 5" and 140lbs
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