Upside Down Shoulder Rigs

Upside Down Shoulder Rigs

This is a discussion on Upside Down Shoulder Rigs within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Anyone have any experience with upside down rigs. I've been toying with the idea of one for my 442 and I came across this one ...

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Thread: Upside Down Shoulder Rigs

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    Upside Down Shoulder Rigs

    Anyone have any experience with upside down rigs. I've been toying with the idea of one for my 442 and I came across this one from Vega. I don't think I could bank on an elastic restraint.

    I think a Null may be at the head of the pack for these rigs (either a SKR or an SMZ)

    or I'll troll for a Bianchi 9R1 with a clamshell, but they seem bulky.

    Any and all opinions welcome...
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    I have a regular (right-way-up) Bianchi X-15 and the steel retention spring sandwiched inside of the leather would I am sure manage well with inverted use ... it holds well and the draw is easy - being in this case a fwd break deal.

    I have a Ken Null inverted for my R9 and altho that requires some ''knack'' to use holds very well - perfectly reliable. The advantage I see in an inverted config' is the ability to probably not require a belt tie-down loop ....... but that said ... for me when I used the X-15, it was not a big deal once adjusted.

    My main problem with the Bianchi is the strap that goes over the high area near my neck - and that tends to ride up a bit. The ''X'' rigs are better but it is said sometimes that this harness design can make for an easy grab by a BG ... that tho is rumor.
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    looks like it might make for an ackward draw by looking at the pics.
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    Something about having it constantly pointing up at my shoulder and head.....

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    For a revolver the size of a 442 I don't know why you would need a vertical rig.

    I would go with an Alessi Pull Through Bodyguard.
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    With a 442 size gun, you can get away with having it at a 45 degree angle and not have the butt or the barrel stick out...upside down is okay, but it makes more sense for a bigger gun that is harder to conceal.....

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    Before I went Auto (started with a 1911) I carried a 4" S&W 66 in a shoulder rig from Safariland very similar to the first photo from Vega, carried that rig for years. The elastic really does not hold the gun; the trigger guard is resting in a "pocket" in the holster, when the gun is in place there is little to no pressure on the elastic. I found it easy to conceal under a shirt 1 size bigger than I would normally wear and the draw once adjusted was really easy. If I were carrying a 4” revolver I would definitely have a shoulder rig like that again.

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    I carried a simular Bianchi rig for several years off duty. (3 inch S&W model 36 )With a little practice you can draw with either hand.
    I liked it and had no problems with it.

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    I have and have made the one with the elastic. It's actually surprisingly retentive.

    The holster goes up under the trigger guard and that's what holds it in the holster. The elastic holds the molding of the leather around the cylinder which holds the trigger guard in place.

    The elastic is also doubled up, so it is quite strong. It doesn't stretch more than 1/4 inch or so on the draw, so it isn't going to wear out either. I saw one used for over 25 years, and it was still perfect.

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    I have used a Bianchi 209 since about 1980. During the winter months when I was in uniform I wore it under my uniform jacket with my 49 and then 649. Have also worn it some off duty. The elastic still holds well. It's not the typical Walmart fabric shop elastic. Holds it in very well. The elastic is under the front strap.

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    I carry my SW 649 in a Null SKR. This is worn every day under a uniform shirt and is virtually invisible. It is a great holster but I have a bit of a problem with the narrow shoulder straps staying put. Robert Hummelbaugh from is making me a task specific version one of his designs. When I get it I'll post pics and a review.
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    Check out ebay I picked up one of the old Bianchi Berns-martin upside down shoulder rigs a while back for a great price. I carry my old model Colt Cobra under a light jacket and really like it.

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