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This is a discussion on ?? For the ladies?? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When in slinky ladies clothes, I carry the KelTec P3AT. I figure it's better than nothing. For dresses, a thigh holster (I shortened a belly ...

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Thread: ?? For the ladies??

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    When in slinky ladies clothes, I carry the KelTec P3AT. I figure it's better than nothing. For dresses, a thigh holster (I shortened a belly band) that I can move to the most comfortable and invisible position. Longer skirts find it outside just above the knee, shorter/fitted dresses find it higher and inside. Actually very comfortable. For those clingy polyester dress pants that don't have belt loops I simply wear it inside my waistband with the clip. Position is anywhere from noon to six, depending on where it disappears best.
    Shoulder is not an option for me, as I also have some strategically placed lumps of fat in the way.
    Fortunately, I live in TN, where concealment isn't really an issue and I can happily carry my Kimber 1911 on my right hip. My work shirt covers it well enough that it isn't noticed by those who aren't looking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    I'll carry in a shoulder holster with a nice sweater, or I'll still carry a smaller gun on my skirt.

    I don't wear a lot of skirts and dresses since I don't work in an office anymore, but if that fashion were to come back for me I would invest in a good thigh holster and some smart carry.

    Never purse! When it matters the most, the purse is always somewhere else and you have to dig through it for twenty minutes before you actually find anything.
    It depends on your level of training. There is a new course that targets teaching women to draw a gun from a purse.

    I used to be totally against any form of off body carry but it really comes down to whats comfortable. I have a Galco Jackass rig but the only problem is, no range will let you practice with it or take a training course with it.

    Don't get me wrong vertical shoulder rigs are extremely convient and comfortable. However, for comfort you sacrfice safety. If you take the Safe Direction rule to heart. (Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction) Wearing a vertical shoulder mount your safe direction immediately goes out the window.

    Most people don't know how to draw from a shoulder rig without sweeping all the innocent bystanders in front of them. To draw from a shoulder rig blading your body is a method used to avoid sweeping others. Also, buy pulling the gun towards your body you use the straps to unholster the gun.

    PS a verticle holster allows easy access for a BG to access your gun if hes got you on the ground. No offense ladies but the majority of women may not have a real good shot of getting a 200 pound plus person off them. Having a gun you can keep from being accessed by unwanted hands maybe a good option.

    To draw safely from a shoulder holster you must be extremely muzzle aware and somewhat rely on fine thought, this is not a something you entirely want when getting shot at. Granted how many people have been shot by somebody trying to pull a gun out of a shoulder rig, I have no idea but the potential is definelty there.

    Purses can be held tight to the body and lets face it if the person is more aware of his/her surroundings the method of carry doesn't matter. Purse can also allow a women to point a gun at an attacker without pulling the gun out of the device. If your shooting a revolver you can also shoot directly through the purse by just putting your hand on the gun and pulling the trigger. Also, regardless of what you carry Action is quicker than reaction. My finance can perform an action of hand on gun before any person with a shoulder holster she does carry a Galco Purse and her XD . And she knows if shes ever unsafe she can unzip the flap put her hand on her gun and walk around without worry of somebody calling the police screaming Crazy Lady!
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    Hey BCat what kind of belly band did you use to make your thigh rig?

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    Dependent on the dresses or suits and the fit, a shoulder rig could be tough on a lady.

    Here's Nancy in hers:

    R&G...Why no photos of HER method of carry?
    Sorry I'm so late.......
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    check out my review of my smartcarry:
    i think it would work great with a thicker material skirt (or a very thin gun such as a keltec)
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