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I'm personally not fond of purse carry, as purses are prime targets for thieves, and a purse is not always on you at all times. (Say, it would suck if you were at the copy machine at work while your purse it at your desk, and someone comes in shooting.) There are other options that work well for women. it may require a slight wardrobe adjustment, but it's well worth your life. Us ladies here do use on-body holsters, and I use a bellyband, which is a wide elastic band with holster that tucks up under my clothes.

But if a purse is the way you're going to, a Google search will reveal handgun handbags. There's zipper entries (Galco) and velcro ones (there's some inexpensive off-brand ones). Zipper entries look nice but a zipper may get snagged, and velcro can be hard to manipulate with one hand. It's always a good idea to try to find a system you can operate with one hand, because your other hand may be occupied fighting off an attacker.

I would suggest a cross-body style, as that style of purse looks less easy for a thief to snatch, and it keeps both your hands free.

There are purses that aren't designed for handgun carry that would suffice. A style with a big vertical pocket that can fit the gun (and the gun ONLY, you don't want other things bobbing around in there to get in the way) would also work.

Some women who use the purse method walk with the pocket open and their hands already in it in such a manner that it doesn't look suspicious.