What to do about the holster bulge

What to do about the holster bulge

This is a discussion on What to do about the holster bulge within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been carrying a Glock 27 in an MTAC holster for the last couple of weeks. I am actually getting quite comfortable doing this ...

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Thread: What to do about the holster bulge

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    What to do about the holster bulge

    I have been carrying a Glock 27 in an MTAC holster for the last couple of weeks. I am actually getting quite comfortable doing this to the point where I now carry a round in the chamber. (It was a little disconcerting at first.) I have been typically wearing a mock turtle neck long sleeve shirt that is not tucked in. The first picture shows the shirt and how well it conceals the gun.

    I have noticed (and maybe nobody else) that the holster "bulges" through the shirt. If I lift up the shirt (second picture) it obviously shows that the gun has to go somewhere and that somewhere is out. It elongates the waist and makes a funny shape. The belt bulge (not the gun) shows through the shirt at various times.

    The next picture shows it tucked in. This is something I do not normally do, but after seeing these pictures, I may start doing this.

    My main concern is the elongation or bulge of the holster. Are people going to notice? Is there something I can do about it?
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    Wear a bigger shirt, get a shirt wiith a pattern on it to break up the outline. Get a 1911. Honestly, I think newer CCW'ers worry a bit too much about a slight bulge (I know I did). No one notices,(really).
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    I don't worry much about bulges any more. Most people are oblivious to anything but a long gun in your hands.

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    Like rocky said, you think you are "printing" no one around you even notices, and even if they do, they have no idea what is under that shirt. When I first started carrying, I was always checking my shirt or jacket either by tugging at it or checking it in a mirror or window reflection. Everytime I looked everything was quite covered.
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    The fact is that most people are and don't pay attention to there surroundings very closely, if at all. We as CHLers have trained ourselves to pay close attention to our surroundings and I think that causes us undo worry because we feel like other do the same. Well, for the most part they don't, and if someone is paying enough attention to notice then they're probably one of us or an LEO. Even if a notices, they automatically write it off as "Oh, it's probably just a cell phone or PDA"

    That being said, I wouldn't worry about a little bulge because the aren't either .
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    Methinks you worry too much!

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    I agree:

    1. Bigger shirts
    2. Cover shirt/garment
    3. Nobody really notices...really.

    ...and possibly consider a 3:00 O'Clock position. I cannot carry at the "classic" 4-5 O'clock position, I always print badly when I move...at all.

    At least with my weapon securely at 3:00 my arm nearly always can cover both visually and tactally. Maybe you've tried this too and doesn't work?
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    I think the bulge is worse when it's tucked. The belt bulges out and the clips are visible. The thing is, most people haven't a clue about tuckable holsters. At the most, you might get a question about the clips. More than likely, the only people that will notice are the people that carry themselves. Even with a littie bulge or printing, I'd prefer the untucked.

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    Think your worrying about nothing
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    One of the reasons why I feel that a properly designed OWB pancake holster (in combination with a good snugged up gun belt) actually pulls the firearm butt in closer to the body than a IWB holster.

    Because as you can see his belt is pulling the firearm in by the firearm body but the butt still juts out.

    A great OWB holster with properly positioned holster belt slots will use the holster leather to pull the butt further in.

    It also helps aid concealment to have more cant to the firearm in the holster.

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    Got that thick butted piece too far back. It can't possibly blend in like that. As above, use a print shirt instead of a plain color and don't worry. When you're concerned, you broadcast it to the world by constantly feeling or nudging it with your elbow, or look at yourself in every mirror and window you pass.

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    Patterned print will help. But the biggest thing I see is the clip knife. Move it or stuff it. It draws the eye to the area you don't want anyone looking at. Move it to the other side.

    When ever I see a clip knife I immediately think to myself, "Self... this guy is either a military person, cop or a weapons nut (like me)." I start scanning for other weapons. In your case I may see your belt clips and/or the print.

    My $0.02.

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    along with what some of the others have said ill add try the holster forward a "half hour". if that makes sense. i know for me that makes it so the butt is right up against my back flank. give it a try

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    You also need a different type of shirt for a cover garment. You want something 1 size larger so it "hangs" and doesn't "hug" your body. I haven't worn a tucked in shirt in 11 years, except to church, then I just pocket carry the Guardian, I think if you purchase some shirts that are a bit larger you will see this shape disappears.
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    You were printing big time in the middle picture.

    Seriously, didn't see anything in the other pics. Have you ever noticed an off duty cop carrying? I haven't. Not likely that anyone will notice it on you either.

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