Best IWB Holster for Kahr MK9

Best IWB Holster for Kahr MK9

This is a discussion on Best IWB Holster for Kahr MK9 within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just bought a Kahr MK9 for my new CCW. I am now looking for a good quality IWB Leather holster. Any suggestions would be helpful. ...

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Thread: Best IWB Holster for Kahr MK9

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    Best IWB Holster for Kahr MK9

    Just bought a Kahr MK9 for my new CCW. I am now looking for a good quality IWB Leather holster. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks
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    Damn, there are a bunch of them out there,, I trust and use Rossen, Kramer, Galco and such,,but several here have tried several of the makers whom post here and like them as well

    I like leather,but you may prefer Kydex.. Good luck on the search

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    Would you consider kydex?

    I know you asked about an IWB leather holster for your Kahr MK9, but in the event that you would consider kydex, I wanted to put in a plug for the Comp-Tac 2 o'clock, which I use for the MK9. The advantage of kydex is that the material surrounding the gun is actually thinner than leather, so that it makes a smaller "bump" inside the waistband. The belt loop material is thicker for strength, but goes primarily outside the waistband. And the fact that the single belt loop is offset from the gun also reduces thickness, compared to holsters with the belt loop directly on top of the gun.

    The MK9 is such a small gun with a short, two finger grip that it doesn't need much "cant angle" to conceal the grip, and can easily be worn in a vertical orientation without a printing problem. I have found that wearing it at 2 o'clock in the appendix position is quite feasible, giving the advantage of a faster draw and use of the weak side hand to lift the cover garment while drawing with the strong side hand. (You can't do this very well with a gun worn at the 4 o'clock position.)

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    I have a K&D Dakota Defender on order for my PM9. I use one for my M&Pc. Very comfortable w/ thin profile given split loop design. It can also be "tuckable".
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    I recommend a UBG holster....very nice work and fits like a glove.
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    I carry my PM9 in a Brommeland Max-Con V and it is very very comfortable. I came across this holster by accident and I don't regret spending a little more money for it, it is absolutely top notch! OTOH, I would also recommend UBG holsters, great price, customer service and fast delivery.

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    This is going to sound funny but i have found my Kahr pm9 ( the same formfactor as the mk ) to be too small for iwb . It is just right to be wrong for comfort with anything i have tried and in fact works better as pocket , sholder , ankle , or more estoric carry . My p9 works great for iwb , but it is at the lower limit of what i can carry comfortably in a waistband .
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    I think you made a great choice with the MK9. The more you shoot it, the better you will like it. It is just a great little gun. Regarding the iwb holster, I really question the need. This gun hides very nicely with a tee shirt or untucked shirt in an owb holster. With a proper holster, the end of the barrel is hardly lower than the belt. Try a Don Hume JIT holster, good leather, good fit, good workmanship, for under $25. You'll see why you really don't want an iwb with this gun. But if you must have one, I will second the Comp Tac2. You will find that the MK is too heavy for front pocket carry or ankle carry.

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    I carry the MK40 daily n a high-noon MR Softy. The MK40 is kinds like the MK9s big brother. I think they are the same size and weight, or at least pretty close. I got the MR Softy because it is in stock with no wait, and cheap. I got it to hold me over while I waited for a custom iwb. Anyway, I got my custom iwb and still continue to use the Softy more. Easy on-easy off, adjustable tension screw, always in stock, and nice quality leather. I really like the holster. Your gonna love the Kahr. They truly are reliable, concealable little guys.
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    If I was buying a holster now, it would be to replace my Fist 1AK kadex, which is so thin you don't even know you have a holster on, with another one of the same.


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    In an Andrews pocket.

    Upper right, K&D

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    MY MK 40 Elite98... this setup gets a lot more miliage now with velcro clips and a beltman 1.25 inch horsehide velcrobacked belt. An old picture with the original clips.. If you have to have leather, the IWB all others are compared to is the Versa Max II... I carry a USP40c in one and forget its there... great rig... many similar copies out there...TT makes one as well as brigade gunleather...

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    Here's one I just ordered a "Mini Clip" from Kirkpatrick Leather for my MK9. I believe it'll be easy to take off/put on but that it'll also stay put! You can get leather loops as well for this if you don't like the clip. If this doesn't work, I'll try a model from TT or UBG leather that has the straps off to either side.
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