Balancing my G26 and body type.

Balancing my G26 and body type.

This is a discussion on Balancing my G26 and body type. within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I use a cheap blackhawk plastic OWB for my 26. I like it because it sits really high and Im fastest from higher position, Id ...

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Thread: Balancing my G26 and body type.

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    Balancing my G26 and body type.

    I use a cheap blackhawk plastic OWB for my 26. I like it because it sits really high and Im fastest from higher position, Id actually like it higher.
    I cant find anything that sits high enough for me IWB. All my IWBs have just turned out to dissapoint. At first I like them, then I dont. By high, I mean I'm 6'3" and I want to be able to rest my elbow on the back of my slide at about 3:30 or 4 o'clock.
    I understand that only the very front of the gun,(probably from the chamber foward), would actually rest inside, but its what I like . If anyone has any suggestions for me I'd appreciate it.

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    I have CC'd a G23 for 11 years and by far the best holster I have used is the Bianchi Carry Loc, I suggest you check them out.
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    I would think if you like your gun up high moving it farther forward would accomplish almost the same thing. You could always wear your pants higher...remember those suits from the 50s? or was it the 30s? Well black and white movies anyhow. Mark Garrity makes a very high riding OWB - but if you are set on IWB, I would think any of the custom makers (big time $ or not) would be willing to move the loops for you. Shouldn't be too hard. I suggest calling a maker you're interested in (or would like to support) and seeing what he/she says. That's my $0.02


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    I have a Don Hume iwb holster that I carry my G26 in. I feel like it rides rather high (for me anyway).

    Also, for the price you can't beat the quality.

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    Personal physique plays an important role no doubt. IWB holsters are designed to be where your belt line is, and pretty much where the belt would cross the mid section of the firearm, this generally has the best retention and concealment for the average carrier. There are standards basically set to all of us no matter what our body 'type'. That is to say--everyone's rib cage starts outward of the hip area in approximately the same place on all of us relative to build. Gut or no gut, small gut, or large gut----if the position (the 3:30-4:00) is unwavering--the higher you go, the more the grip or butt of the weapon will protrude outward at that particular index causing one to 'print'. I am 6'2", and average build going 200lbs. Now-OWB carry for my G27 is a high ride Mitch Rosen 'upper limit express'. IWB for me with the same G27 is the DeSantis scorpion or Uncle Mike's nylon. Scorpion being the favorite and newly acquired! Both of these tuck the grip tightly into my body, and I carry at those positons IWB under a t-shirt effectively. I'll say this, and knowing your dilemma---#1) I'd look for a different carry position other than what you've said was normal for you. #2) conceal means stealthy, and quite frankly-resting your arm on the back of the slide is making you print whether you realize it or not. At least in body language---you have a 'prop' under your shirt or whatever. #3) I'll admit to doing the same with my previous 1911 pistol OWB under a jacket or coat. I've learned better since those days. #4) I like to remind folks every now and then that the number one thing the human race has got going for it is------adaptability. To wrap it up, experiment with the equipment you've chosen. Modify it, or your methods, or your clothing. Most of us customize ourselves rather than chasing a custom set-up. Some of us may just not be willing to wait that long, and I'm one who considers himself an on-site engineer. Once in a while you'll run across something you have that just won't work. When that time comes, you'll know to conserve your energy and look somewhere else for your needs. Good luck in your quest for answers.

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