CC in a suit

CC in a suit

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Thread: CC in a suit

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    CC in a suit

    I need suggestions on CC when wearing a suit
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    I would think that OWB or a shoulder holster would make the most sense.

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    Try here. Have you tried the search function? I believe this topic has been addressed before, if memory serves.


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    MY suits are "cut" to accomodate a gun IWB. Of course, I can't remove my coat then, unless I want to reveal that I'm armed.

    If "deep concealment" is needed with a suit I favor a J-Frame Airweight in the pocket and the "Primary" gun under my shirt in a "tuckable" holster or Belly Band.


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    I've done it using a smartcarry,....

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    It depends if you'll be wearing the jacket or not. If you're going to wear the jacket all the time you can do almost anything. If not it'll be just like carrying with a tucked in shirt. In any case, be sure to have a good belt designed for concealed carry - it will do wonders for comfort and ease of concealment.


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    IMO - if jacket can be kept on - then a good shoulder rig can be ideal ... assuming the jacket is cut to have adequate freedom and space. That anyways would be my prime choice.
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    depends on what you have!
    really just about anything can work. shoulder if you dont have to take your jacket off. otherwise tuckable IWB or smartcarry type of a thing would be best.
    my fiance has carried his snubby in a tuckable IWB, suit coat off. no problems at all. despite it being a family reunion with lots of hugs
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    Pocket holster
    IWB with coat left on
    IWB tuckable (See Blade Tech UCH or the K&D Dakota Defender)

    I do not like the shoulder holster because simply leaning forward exposes the gun. With the first two methods mentioned I carry a S&W Model 60. The last two I use either a Firestar M43 or 5" 1911.

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    I have to carry this way and use the following




    In that order of prefence. Truth be told if I spent more money on a decent tuckable it would probably become my favorite method of carry.
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    As a professor, I wear suits or coat-and-tie five days a week (plus sunday church). Having a larger frame, I do not like the bulk of a shoulder rig so I carry my 1911 IWB at 5 o'clock. I carry in an MTac (tuckable) so if it gets warm, I have the option of readjusting my shirt over my gun and taking off my jacket. I am fortunate to be at a private school where I received legal permission to CHL carry.
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    I do it all the time, well pretty regular for the last two years. Current EDC is right side, 4 o'clock IWB with an XD45 compact.

    With off the rack suits I rely on 100% wool dark colored suits. I choose two button jackets with one rear jacket vent and either leave the bottom or both buttons undone. One rear vent seems to provide a slightly looser fit. Side vents pose the chance of rising up and/or revealing.

    If you get jackets that have pockets and not just a flap over where the pocket is supposed to be you can carry mags in one side pocket and the rest of your bat gear in the other. I also wear 5.11 holster t-shirts occasionally to carry flashlights, knives. etc.. This gets alot of stuff off my belt and gives me soom additional room inside the jacket.

    (I've never tried this but, I've also heard of having another layer of lining sewn inside the jacket at a spot over the area where the handgun is positioned to better prevent printing.)
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    I'd go with a IWB, a VM2.
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    I carry with a suit all the time... when I had them tailored I brought both my IWB and my OWB gear. Problem solved.
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    I'd recommend a Kahr MK9 or officer's sized 1911 in .45 ACP or the Springfield EMP IWB. Shoulder rigs can be comfortable but I'd be worried about having more printing issues. A good, compact weapon carried IWB at about 3:30 - 4:00 for right handed shooters is ideal because you can keep your suit coat unbuttoned.

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