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This is a discussion on Carry fatigue within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Don't think it was mentioned but - if your cover options are as good as they sound - OWB would IMO increase comfort a lot. ...

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Thread: Carry fatigue

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    Don't think it was mentioned but - if your cover options are as good as they sound - OWB would IMO increase comfort a lot. I hate IWB - doesn't work for me at all.

    But my 226 in OWB Defender is just ''a presence'' - bit of bulk and weight - touches my lower ribs (reassuring) .. and it's there 16/7 ...... feels worse when it's off!! Over three years now with this combo - no prob's.
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    You carry about the same place I do. I have never had a problem, in fact, I hardly know it's there.
    Try adjusting the location a bit each way...keep the belt snug...
    Buy a holster box...most have one! You might need to try several holsters...mine are almost all Fist with a clip.
    You will find the right fit...
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    I almost always have a sore lower back... it's been torn up a few times over the years and now is one of the benefits of getting old!

    When I carry, it fatigues my back no matter if I carry IWB or OWB.

    If you don't have back problems though, I'll bet this will pass in time and adjustment.
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    you mentioned you just got your beltman belt, good deal the belt is the key. The other guys are right about holster placement too.But a good belt makes all the difference. I am 6' and 150 pounds so I feel everything and have tried a lot of different rigs, and the day I bought a good belt changed everything. Just suffer thru the break in period and things should get much better.

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    Do you sit a lot during the day while carrying? When I first tried carrying IWB that is the same spot I carried at. What I discovered is that while seated any where with a back on it, the gun pressed into my back leaving me sore. I had to move to about 3:00 - 3:30 position and no more problems.
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    I've been carrying concealed IWB for 20+ years.

    For me the secret is using a good quality Belt and Holster. The BeltMan Belt is a good start. You may notice your comfort level increasing a bit, or you may not. I carry 3" and 4" Revolvers daily, and they are not light. I do notice a difference when carrying the 3" Ruger, as it's a little lighter.

    Play around with positioning your holster until you find the "spot". IMHO you will never totally "forget" that you have a gun on, no matter how good the belt and holster, if you pack a "Duty Size" weapon. The "trick" is finding a level that is comfortable that you can tolerate. I routinely fall asleep on the couch with my gun on with no problems.

    Sometimes switching Holsters will improve comfort too. Different holsters work for different people. I love my Milt Sparks SSII, but my buddy prefers the CTAC, which I can't stand.


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    Keep in mind that leather belts, esp. dual layer belts, typically need a break-in as well.


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    Think about the vertical as well as the horizontal. If your belt is around your waist and not your hip, the weight is significantly closer to your center of gravity. It's hard to tell from the photo.

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    Change the location on your side closer to the 3 o'clock position. Next like others have said, carry something else on the other side to offset the gun weight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MNBurl View Post
    Change the location on your side closer to the 3 o'clock position. Next like others have said, carry something else on the other side to offset the gun weight.
    I agree with MNBurl...three o'clock helped my fatigue immensly...buying my Crossbreed eliminated ALL discomfort. Best money spent yet!
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    I was in the exact same situation as you. I have Wilderness belt that I used before I got my Beltman. Oddly, I also own a Max-Con V (for my Kahr PM9) which is my favorite rig and a MTAC (for my HK P30). What I noticed is that for the heavier P30, the Beltman was a MUCH better choice, it supported the weight much better and it did not sag like the Wilderness did. Give it a few weeks, you might notice the same behavior.

    On a side note, my Max-Con V was the same way, it wasn't comfortable at all until I got used to it and it molded to my body. I was actually questioning that purchase but I'm happy I gave it some time.

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