Holster Time, MTac vs. K&D Dakota Defender

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Thread: Holster Time, MTac vs. K&D Dakota Defender

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    Holster Time, MTac vs. K&D Dakota Defender

    Hard to beat the Mtac i hear, but the K&D Dakota Defender looks very comfy. Pros and cons? How long is the wait time on the K&D for a Glock 23 (yea, i commited to the 23. Only flip flopped around like 100000 times)
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    Thumbs up

    K&D gets my vote!

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    This is where the Minotaur beats anyone.

    Invest in the base holster. Then you can buy holster "bodies" for the other guns you may want to put on your hip.

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    I have used the MTAC since just after it came out. I really like it. I got a new carry gun and initially thought I would just end up buying a new body to carry the new gun. Later, I realized that I want to be able to switch carry-guns without taking the time to unscrew and attach the other body. My solution was to get a Dakota Defender for one of the guns. It'll probably take another 13-15 weeks (I ordered a week ago).

    So, my answer to your question was "buy both". Sorry, I wish I could help more.

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    K&D would get my vote
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    I have absolutley no experience with the K&D but I have been wearing an MTAC for the last five months. I wear it with a S&W M&P9 and a 1911, I just switch holster bodies.

    It is a great way to IWB and is very comfortable. There have been times when I almost forgot I was wearing it. It is an extremely fast holster that holds up well.

    My only negative about the MTAC is that you should try the C-hooks over the J-hooks. With the J-hooks your pants are supporting the holster and not you belt, this allows the holster to slip down a little instead of riding like it is supposed to.
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    I Just Got Both

    Yea i got the cohchise and i ordered it on 10-30 and it is get close to
    here from K&D and i just ordered the mtac a few days ago for my \
    glocks so i can do the swap out thing for them i think they are both \
    going to be great oh yea i also got a belt to ,,to match my K&D\
    as well so i got a nice set up but i am just waiting

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    oh yea

    i plan on getting a nice 1911 45 or 9 an i will get a defender from k&d
    for that ,,and i have not seen my first one yet but i have no
    worys about it

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    I have both and the Defender is by far the better holster. The MTAC is a good holster but comparing the two the K&D is (to me) the much better choice.

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    I don't know if it's really a fair question. Both of these holster makers will provide you with a top notch product that will fit your needs very well. Of course the K&D is going to take a lot longer getting to you because for the most part it is a custom made piece, done one at a time, by one man. I wouldn't trade my Cochise for anything.

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    I will vote for the K&D

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    I just love Kevin's work!! I vote for K&D also.

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    You've all missed the obvious, BUY BOTH! You need to order the MTAC anyway while you're waiting for your K&D.

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    K&D all the way.
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