Minotaur MTAC/Spartan Reviews

Minotaur MTAC/Spartan Reviews

This is a discussion on Minotaur MTAC/Spartan Reviews within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Comp-Tac : Products Anybody use any of these? I'm debating between the MTAC and the Spartan, and am mostly wondering about the comfort level of ...

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Thread: Minotaur MTAC/Spartan Reviews

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    Minotaur MTAC/Spartan Reviews

    Comp-Tac : Products

    Anybody use any of these? I'm debating between the MTAC and the Spartan, and am mostly wondering about the comfort level of the Spartan having exposed fastener ends against skin. The front sight of the 1911 diggs in pretty good if I carry IWB with a 'slide' style holster, so interchangeable bodies, adjustable height and cant, and the leather sweat shield looks like a pretty nice combo for a holster.

    So, any reviews from fellow members? This will be used for a 5" 1911 and a Glock 19. I'm also a little intrigued, yet concerned about possibly using the C clip option.
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    I wear my Kimber 4" 1911 IWB in my MTac holster 24/7. It is very comfortable, easy to conceal, I like that it's tuckable. I just had a plumber to my house to fix our water heater today. I was wearing slacks and a button-down dress shirt. When the repairman came in, all I had to do was lift my shirt tail out at the side and retuck it over my gun and I was good to go. It is a great holster!
    I even forget I am wearing it; and can fall asleep in my easy chair or laying on the couch with it on.
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    I use the MTAC slide for a G26. I've tried carrying my G23 but haven't got it positioned right to keep the butt from printing. I'm tall and skinny so the 26 hides very well and is very comfortable. I carry at about 3:30 so the end of the muzzle points right at the top outside corner of my rear pocket and the end of the frame tucks into my side. I'm extremely happy with the MTAC and I haven't had it for a full week yet.

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    I have had a minotaur as my only holster since getting my CHL last September. It holds my 5" XD tactical .45 close to the body and is very comfortable. I always use it with a layer of cloth between myself and the holster so I don't know if the exposed fasteners would be a problem or not. It is good to go with just a tuck in shirt over it and I also like the ability to adjust the cant and depth in the beltline. The current models are even more adjustable than my own. They have 5 holes of adjustment and mine only has three.
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    The Mtac has been reviewed a TON around here. I've had mine for several months now and LOVE IT. Hold my GLOCKS nice and close & VERY COMFORTABLE. I would question the comfort of any holster with metal fittings up against you. The Mtac has leather on the side that rides against your body. I'd get the Mtac. Comp Tac is excellent to deal with, VERY fast delivery, and if you try and don't like it, you have a trial period to do so and return it for a refund. BUT, I'd be very surprised if after several days of use,( it takes a few days to mold itslelf to your body ) you did not like it.

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    I use the Crossbreed, which looks similar. Any fasteners will be shielded by your boxers or briefs. Get the extra velcro clips for stealth options after the holster has broken in with the regular clips. I had to cut the velcro clips with a hack saw blade so they wouldn't protrude below the belt. Some customization may be needed if the holstered gun-in-hand allows interference between holster and skin of the hand. The moleskin will keep the checkering on the grip from chafing bare skin in the summer. I use a piece of suede attached through a couple of existing fasteners. Make sure the protective fabric is high enough to prevent catching the thumb during the "grab." It's nice to see the attaching hardware is low on the holster instead of high near the beltline where space is at a premium. The availability of other gun "shells" is a plus. You can punch out other holes in the leather if you need more cant adjustment. The spartan looks like it will be at least as comfortable as anything else on the market. Best of luck, and enjoy.
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    I have a M-TAC for my P226 - very comfortable, conceals well.

    Highly recommented.

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    I carry a Pro CDP II in a Comp-Tac Minotaur and it is very comfortable. Great products.

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