O.K., here's the story. I recently acquired a new Walther PPS which the wife quickly latched onto. I wanted to get her a quick, decent holster to let her decide if she really likes carrying it before I invest the time in having a custom holster made. Settled on the DeSantis Cozy Partner. I called DeSantis to see if this was a "one gun fit" holster or if a model that they sell to fit other models of handguns would also fit the PPS. Was told that this holster fit was unique to the PPS. Since none of the usual sources I use (Midway, Brownells, CheaperThanDirt, etc.) listed the Cozy Partner for the PPS, I ordered straight from DeSantis which means paying straight MSRP. It arrived today and low and behold, the sticker on the bag says nothing about the Walter PPS. This holster, #028TAE1Z0 is listed as fitting the following firearms:
Glock: 26/27/33
Taurus: PT111, PT140
S&W: CS9
Kahr: P45
And, it also happens to fit the Walther PPS nicely for a non-custom holster. So, I'm guessing that a holster to fit the above firearms from other mass manufacturers (Galco, Uncle Mike, Fobus, etc.) would probably fit the PPS as well. Hope the info helps someone out.