I've been wearing my 1911 Gov in a Blade-Tech UCH for a bit now and think I've developed the qualification to render an opinion.

I wear it at "3:15" in the zero cant.

It rides a bit higher than my former holster and draws a heck of a lot easier. That also makes is easier to hide and sit.

Most of the time I don't tuck in my shirttail anyways and it obviously does fine with the majority of my clothes.

I have tucked in tee shirts around it for various reasons, sometimes just because I could. With a medium, it does just fine. No one seems to notice. My brother's girlfriend came to my house where I have openly carried IWB for a while. She looked at me with my shirt tucked in and asked "Where's your gun at?"

With a small tee, it doesn't do well. On the rare occasions when I wear a small tee shirt, I'm probably at an establishment that serves.

It can be unstable if my belt is not tight enough. Since I wear an infinitely adjustable rigger's belt, it is at times a problem, but is easily dealt with. It is also painful if I wear the holster without the gun so it is easiest just to take it off when I have to disarm.

I haven't tried it with a dress shirt and tie yet. I'm thinking it will be an issue because I wear shirt-stays. We'll see.

I am happy with my purchase.