Milt Sparks?

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Thread: Milt Sparks?

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    GRING, sorry about the previous post saying C, instead of G. Greetings from North Central AR. Welcome aboard.

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    VM 2

    I use my Versa Max 2 almost every day.I think they are the best holster around.The wait is not that long compared to the wait for a Del Fatti.
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    The VM2 definately looks/sounds like a good one based on all the reviews I've heard.

    I've used a Summer Special II for several years now and other than some discoloration (sweat, lube, etc.) it looks and feels just like it did the day I got it. GREAT holster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JerryM View Post
    The skirt on the Sparks ExC makes it the most comfortable IWB I have used. Although some dislike the location of the straps, I have not found they add any bulk that affects concealment. It is my favorite.

    Agreed. I got some straps for a SS2 for mine (2 single straps) so it can go around belt loops with no problem. Mine is for a Glock 26.

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    I've tried a lot of holsters, from a lot of different makers.

    The Versa Max II is the the benchmark that I compare all other holsters too.

    The wait is long, but worth it. I have an order in now for two rigs, one for my HK P7PSP and one for a Hi Power.

    In the mean time, I have an order in with UBG for my Hi Power holster to hold me over until I get my Sparks. And who knows, maybe by then I'll be too attached to the Canute to change rigs.

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    I also have a TT Gunleather and although it is not the same quality as my VM-II's, the wait is much shorter at present and the holster is a nice one that I plan on keeping. The down side is TT doesn't make it for very many weapons yet.
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    25 weeks to go on my Versa Max 2!
    I went with horsehide.
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    I alternate between a Hume Slide, a Rosen 5JR and the VMII.
    Even inside the waist band, the VMII is the most comfortable of the three.

    Sometimes I forget I have it on!
    I have walked into a 'gun free zone' and then realized I had it on, and had to turn around a go back to the truck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JerryM View Post
    I will be interested to see his pancake when he gets it finalized.
    JerryM. Do believe I will be the proud owner of one of Tim's first OWB's for my 3" .44 mag S&W. Will post pics when I receive it.

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