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This is a discussion on Fanny Packs within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by AZ Husker Fanny packs are easier to steal than a wallet for a pickpocket. Most have a nylon snap devise which can ...

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Thread: Fanny Packs

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Husker View Post
    Fanny packs are easier to steal than a wallet for a pickpocket. Most have a nylon snap devise which can be easily undone. Even if you feel it coming off, it's gone unless you can outrun and fight the thief.
    My wifes Coronado has a strap on the backside that you put your belt through. Serves to porposes, keeps it from being swiped, and lets the belt bare some weight.

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    That's a great design. I love Coronado Leather's stuff. My girlfriend bought a dedicated holster purse from them at the SHOT Show. The straps have a braided steel cable sewn into them so nobody can cut the strap and run off.
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback. The fanny pack would be for spring to fall when she is wearing her summer clothing. Most of what she wears in the summer make it impossible to hide the Tomcat in her pocket and she can't stand carrying on her hip. Many women around here wear a fanny pack in the summer, especially mothers. We just weren't sure who made quality fanny packs for women carrying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eirerogue View Post
    Having been an LEO during the Fanny Pack craze, I have a very definite opinion on fanny packs. DON'T.

    Fanny packs are LEO wear. Period. For bad guys, all they signify is "Shoot me first". Give me an IWB or Ankle holster if you're going to carry CCW. Being "made" is alot more than imprinting.

    I'm not a Fanny Pack fan.
    Somehow I think this depends greatly on what part of the Country you are in. Fanny packs here don't seem to get a second look. We get a lot of European visitors who carry their wallets/papers in some sort of fanny pack or across the shoulder bag (both males and females). LEOs here rarely carry off-duty (strongly discouraged by department policies), etc.

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    Another vote for Tommys Gun Pack. I have worn my several times, nobody has given it a second glance. I carry wallet, keys, etc in the front compartments. It's great for hiking.

    I'm sorry, but I don't buy the advice about not wearing fanny packs, vests, etc. I've tried all of them on different occasions and nobody has ever second glanced any of them, not even LEOs. The key is to get something that you can also carry your wallet, keys, necessary medications, etc in and noone will notice.
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    I sometimes wear a fanny pack. However, I learned something about how to wear one a few months ago.

    Just using the fanny pack belt ends up with the pack sagging some. I was at the range and tried to see how long it would take to draw from it. When I attempted to rip the zipper open the pack was not stable enough to rip open. It took 4.5 seconds to draw the gun. Not exactly Hickock speed.

    So now if I wear one it is attached to by belt in addition to the pack belt. That keeps it tight enough to rip open. I never timed it after that.

    I have seen LEOs wearing them with the pack sagging.


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