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Do you use/recommend shoulder system rig?

This is a discussion on Do you use/recommend shoulder system rig? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I think a shoulder rig is better for women in many regards, because most IWB set ups are not comfortable for women. I imagine it's ...

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Thread: Do you use/recommend shoulder system rig?

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    I think a shoulder rig is better for women in many regards, because most IWB set ups are not comfortable for women. I imagine it's gotta be more comfortable than having the butt of a gun digging into your liver with an IWB worn at 3:00 - 4:30.


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    Just be careful with a shoulder rig.

    I have a Jackass from Galco to but I don't wear it do to some of the negatives in a shoulder rig.

    Unless you blade way from your intended target. If you need to pull your gun you could end up sweeping alot of innocent bystanders. High stress if you shoot one thats not good.

    Also, any system you have you should practice with not only drawing but actually shooting. I don't know of many ranges that allow you to practice with a shoulder rig actually drawing and shooting the gun.

    It does require a new skill set, and also in a struggle presents a good option for somebody ontop of you to easily access your gun.
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    I have a Don Hume shoulder rig that I bought years ago.
    It's great for long road trips or when we go on ATV outings deep into the forest.
    I always revert to an IWB or pancake holster for everything else.

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    The High Noon holster is tempting but they only offer 1911s HAMMER DOWN.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LenS View Post
    The Jackass and Miami Classic are the best shoulder holsters out there. They are fully adjustable and quite comfortable.
    The "best" among the mass produced shoulder holsters perhaps. But Alessi, Bulman and other shops make a better product.

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    I was in search for a good shoulder rig several weeks ago. I now use a shoulder rig when I dress up. Inteding of using a "standard" rig
    I wear the one from active pro gear. This allows you to conceal with just a dress shirt, so you don't have to keep your jacket on. it might be worth a look. for only 35 dollars, I think its great. here is the thread for review with pics
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    Personally I don't use a shoulder rig. There's certainly nothing wrong with that method of carry it's just that I don't like to mix up my carry method.

    When the deification hits the ventilation, my gun hand instinctively goes to my right hip.

    Also, I can comfortably carry and conceal a full sized weapon much easier in a IWB holster than a shoulder holster.
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    I'll try to be tasteful...
    Most shoulder holsters are make for a man's torso. My sister tried one on, she's built like your photo. Her assets pushed the front straps and the weapon way back further than they were designed. Plus, she had to reach under and back too far.
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    I have a Fist shoulder holster...vertical carry...I seldom use it (only on my Harley, if then)...I have grown very accustomed to my IWB holsters.

    If I did it again, I would not have purchased the rig...but then, how else could I fill my holster box?
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    +1 on the Miami Classic and the Jackass rigs; I have used a Jackass rig since 1987, and haven't looked back. i use it to carry the gun pictured as my avatar...
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    I would have to 2nd Thumper...stay with one carry method...and it will become second nature when and if you must depoly.
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    I use a Bianchi X-15. I bought it to fit my S&W 4563TSW, which it does fine, but I found out after buying a CZ RAMI that it carries that just as securely. The RAMI is a much smaller gun than the Smith, but the very stout spring grips it and holds it just fine.

    I would've preferred a Jackass-style rig with mag holders, but none of them listed my Smith for fit. I wore an X-15 a looooong time ago and knew it was comfortable and retention was good, so I compromised on the Jackass-style and got me one for my Smith. Great during the winter for me, though I generally rotate my holsters and don't wear it all the time. Sometimes an IWB, sometimes an OWB, sometimes a paddle and sometimes the X-15. I understand the concept that others have mentioned about sticking with one kind of holster, but one kind just isn't sufficient for all seasons for me. Even though the X-15 is quite comfortable, I know it's there and don't think I'd ever reach for my hip if I needed to draw when I was wearing the shoulder rig.

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    When its winter/fall and I can wear a coat I wear a shoulder rig alot. Unlike a belt rig, when you get in and out of your car there is no adjusting or for those of us with sports cars no uncomfortable way to sit. They stay "out" of the way and I can draw very quickly with them. The big disadvantage is that I really cant take my coat/jacket

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    I'm currently trying out a Ross horizontal-draw shoulder rig with the double mag pouch for my G17. The thing that I struggled with at first was getting it adjusted to fit properly. I'm a smaller guy- 5'8"/150 lbs, and shoulder holsters seem to print very easily for me if the gun isn't in just the right spot. After wearing it all weekend, and adjusting it a bunch of different times, I finally got it to a point I'm confortable with.
    It works well, and I can conceal acceptably under a jacket or hooded sweatshirt. One nice thing is that it allows me access to my gun while I'm sitting down, but one major drawback is I can't wear it to and from work (I have to disarm in the car, and wriggling out of a shoulder rig in the parking lot would be way too obvious). The other thing that I dislike about it is it makes me feel like I'm pretending to be a cop of some sort.
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    I used to have an 'Old World Leather' shoulder rig system when I carried my full size 1911's. Seemed like I was adjusting it alot, but the angle at which the pistol could be held seemed to be infinitely adjustable, and I liked the grip down versus horizontal. My rig had a double snap retention over the back of the slide which wasn't exactly favorable for me, so I had a tendency to leave the inside snap undone and just used the last snap. My rig also had belt loop tie downs, and on the pistol side, I preferred to let hang, while tying down the magazine side to the belt in order to compensate for the gravitational pull on my weak side with the weight of the pistol. For the weight and length of the full size govt model, the shoulder rig holster set-up is very favorable in my opinion. I've never carried any other pistol in this fashion.

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