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This is a discussion on Holsterless carry within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I can't imagine going without a holster...for me it is a 'safety' concern. Too easy for an accident to happen with an exposed trigger...but then, ...

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Thread: Holsterless carry

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    I can't imagine going without a holster...for me it is a 'safety' concern. Too easy for an accident to happen with an exposed trigger...but then, to each his own...be sure to post any problems you may (or eventually will) experience.

    Stay armed...use a holster...stay safe!
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    I can't imagine going without a holster...for me it is a 'safety' concern. Too easy for an accident to happen with an exposed trigger...but then, to each his own...be sure to post any problems you may (or eventually will) experience.

    Stay armed...use a holster...stay safe!
    Very true, and very important consideration. I tend to favor guns with a manual safety, but that in no way invalidates your point. One thing all good holsters do is prevent stuff from sneaking into the trigger guard.

    Also, a holster will better break up the lines of a gun, so if you're wearing snug pants, you'll be less likely to run into the "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" situation. :)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Danger Mouse View Post
    I do not know how people feel about it, but I have been doing it now for about a month and love it. I can make minute adjustments without the hassle of trying to get that holster to slide also. Then there is the times you need to move your holster slightly for comfort but can not because of a stupid belt loop. Also when I am walking, I can put it on my right side, then when I drive, just move it to cross draw. Forget all the $ spent on holsters that do just one thing, hold it right where you put it and not where you need it. dangerous? I don't think so because the belt still protects the trigger. Slipping? Not for me. Just keep my belt tight. I am a plumber and carpenter so I move into a lot of positions and have no trouble with it slipping at all. maybe all this holster thing is just someones idea to make money on something not needed (Bottled water?)
    We have a holster that is close as you can get to Mexican carry. Bare Asset Try it you have nothing to lose.

    Take Care

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    Carried Mexican for years with no difficulty, strong side behind the pelvic prominence.
    It was a 1911 and I was much, much more slender.
    After becoming a cop, and after long and many conversations with Brethren of the Badge, it's the general consensus that good guys use holsters and BGs don't. I don't like to make broad and general categorizations, but this one seems to be a consensus.
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    If I saw someone carrying Mex-style, I'd be weary of him. Holsters are not "like bottled water". I have many different types of holsters, I use them all, they all have their place. They give me a variety of ways to carry "safely".
    It wouldn't even cross my mind not to use a holster. I like my trigger covered. I think Ohio requires a holster. Maybe other states do too.

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    Another factor is having the mag release accidentally bumped without a holster. I will continue to carry in a holster , thanks.
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    I personally would not ever carry that way. It's not a method of carry that I would feel comfortable with.
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    I tend to lean toward BG don't spend money on a good rig! If I'm out an see a glock stuck in someones belt or pants I'm on high yellow and wouldn't turn my back on them. Holsters are like everything else, you get what you pay for. As far as leo's They will ask alot less questions when they see a $1000. gun and a $200.00+ rig (gun belt,holster,mag pouch), because they know BG's just stick there glocks(seems to be there gun of choice) in there pants. Not to mention dropping my gun, having someone grab it(any holster has better retention then a belt), trigger snagging. I have done it, but it was more of the walking outside, to the mailbox or just for a minute or 2. A cheap holster beats no holster!

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    Check you state laws. This is from a section of the Georgia Gun code. You might be breaking the law!

    Code Section 16-11-129 and even then the person may only carry the pistol, revolver, or concealable firearm only in a shoulder holster, waist belt holster, or any other holster (ankle holster, crotch holster, fanny pack holster, pocket holster,ect) and also a hipgrip or any other similar securing device (a hipgrip is a type of grip that has a clip sticking out to hook on to your belt or pants, a similar device to the hipgrip is a clip) at which point the weapon MAY BE concealed by the person's clothing, or handbag, purse, briefcase, or any other close container. (Concealed carry is an option but is NOT required to carry a firearm. Firearms can be openly carried, however in each case; the firearm MUST be carried in a holster or other type of securing device)


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    It only takes once when you shove that pistol down the back of your drawers then later sit down. It's a horrible sound when the muzzle is pushed up and your secret weapon hits the floor behind the chair. Especially embarrassing in church or at an anger management meeting.
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    I tried carrying with out a holster when I firs started CCWing. I learned two things, I liked inside the waste band carry. The other thing I learned was carrying with out a holster my gun shifted around too much to find a consistent grip. Not having a consistent grip slowed down my draw and the time it takes to line up the sights so I stick to using a holster.

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    Where is the thread where we all told our "back before I got a good holster" stories? My story involved a G23 plopping out into the middle of a beach volleyball court...

    I've used a good quality rig ever since.
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    I carried my PT1911 "Mexican" while I was waiting for my holster for it. My pop and I went to the local junkyard to get some car parts and after wearing it for three hours the safety was really digging into my side so I pulled it out as we were driving away and my pop said, "You keep carrying that thing around like that and you're going to end up blowing your [hindparts] off." I went and got a little Uncle Mike's after that, but it wasn't nearly as good as my VMII. As others have mentioned, holsters keep the angle of the grip and it's location consistent. I carried my Beretta 96 a few times like this, but that was when I had to tuck in my shirt and didn't have a tuck-able holster at the time. I skated by those few times without losing the pistols down my pants leg, but I was just on borrowed time.

    I refused to carry my M&P until I had a holster for it because it's just too much of a risk to stick a (in my mind) condition 0 pistol in my waistband "nekkid". Get a bit of shirttail bunched up in the trigger guard and see what happens with a striker pistol having only the safe trigger, it'll be a surprise for sure.
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    Especially embarrassing in church or at an anger management meeting.

    Anger management meeting + guns =

    Really thou, I use to carry without a holster at church, SOB style, I had a close buddy that would hug me and always check to see if I was carrying. He push the gun slightly and I didn't release it moved, about a minute later it hit the floor which was a hard floor. Everybody in the area turned around and looked at me. I was able to place my foot on it and no one saw it but picking it up and placing it back was tough. Holsters only now
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    I think they need to make a MOC holster for plumbers,the middle of crack holster would serve2 purposes carry a firearm concealed and hide the plumbers crack from public viewing.I see a win win ****uation here.Seriously there are reports of people carrying unholstered and grabbing a gun as it was slipping and shooting themselves in sensitive areas
    If you have a cronic case of plumbers crack, you already have a holster!
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