"Other than FREE, my best deal on a holster was..."

"Other than FREE, my best deal on a holster was..."

This is a discussion on "Other than FREE, my best deal on a holster was..." within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It looked really silly....all that dust on that lonely hook at the gun range. 'Alot of leather', I thought. I got it for $20 and ...

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Thread: "Other than FREE, my best deal on a holster was..."

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    "Other than FREE, my best deal on a holster was..."

    It looked really silly....all that dust on that lonely hook at the gun range. 'Alot of leather', I thought. I got it for $20 and it fits my 7-shot 2 1/2 686. It's an Alessi Hideout, and it has a new home.

    Another time I found a Safariland paddle for my 4" Kimber in a junk bin. Brand spanking new......$20.

    Hope this is the right place for this question, I leave it to the powers that be to decide. Thanks.
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    I need to go holster shopping with you!!! What if I pm you with what I carry and you can shop for both of us! Think of the fun you could have and the money you would save me.

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    Other than "free" my best deal was an OWB Del Fatti for a 4" N-Frame Revolver for $20.

    I got it from Matt Del Fatti himself. He knew the "bind" I was in and was willing to sell me the Holster to "get me by". Thank you Matt Del Fatti and Gina. You guys were there when I needed you. I hope I can return the favor.


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    $10 for a Bulldog nylon slide. It works forwards, backwards, OWB, IWB, under belt, crossdraw, appendix, kidney, 0 cant, forward cant, on a martial arts belt, etc. I've used it for a 4" K-frame, a Ruger P95, a G17, and a 1911 Gov. It currently serves as an extra trigger guard on the nightstand.
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    I payed 10 dollars for a generic nylon IWBholster. Used it everyday untill I got my custom made rig. Now it sits in my glove box so I don't have to take what im wearing off.
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    I wish I could say that I got a MaxConV for $30, but I wasn't sure it would fit a Detonics, so I waited a little too long.
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    I have found lots great deals on holsters over the years, 2 of my best are a Galco Miami classic rig for $30 and a High Noon Pancake (forget actual model name) for $10 both brand new.
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    $50 for a Mitch Rosen Workmen holster for a Glock 26.

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    $30 for a one of a kind Del Fatti (prototype) for my Walther P99c.

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