Snap on OWB holsters and concealability????

Snap on OWB holsters and concealability????

This is a discussion on Snap on OWB holsters and concealability???? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm purchasing an OWB holster for my J-frame. Pancake and fairly high ride are considerations for flattness under my suit coat. The idea of a ...

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Thread: Snap on OWB holsters and concealability????

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    Snap on OWB holsters and concealability????

    I'm purchasing an OWB holster for my J-frame. Pancake and fairly high ride are considerations for flattness under my suit coat.

    The idea of a snap on holster such as the ones made by KD among many others. What I would like to know is if they lie as flat as a regular pancake or not. Do the snaps allow the butt to not be pulled in quite as tight as with "pure" strap ons.

    Any information along these lines would help in my decision. I've so far used only IWB holsters and pocket holsters and I want to do this right since concealability is very important to me.

    Snap on, although handy, isn't so important that I'd give up concealability with a suit coat.

    I'll be wearing it with a "cant" behind the hip at about 3:30.


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    I own three Alessi CQC/S a Bulman QRH, a Del Fatti LPS, three 5SHot SAP's and two Milt Sparks Axioms. All are snap on/off rigs and conceal as well if not better than any other that I own. They are extremely comfortable, all ride a little different as each maker put's his own height/cant on them but the bottom line is that they work and do it well. The CQC/S was the first of this type and is still tops.

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    I do admittedly like the plain ol' slotted pancake holsters better but, depending on what State folks carry in (or...their particular work, lifestyle & vehicle restrictions) - some people DO need to put on and take off their carry rigs much more often.
    I pretty much go everywhere armed and holstered all day (and every day) and so once my holsters & guns go on in the morning - they stay on all day and night until I'm ready to call it a day.
    Some of these Snap On & Off rigs are so doggone well thought out and beautifully constructed that I'd call it personal preference - and a true "either/or" type of decision.
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    I bought a CQC/S recently for my G19. Not only is it the most comfortable OWB I have it, it rides tight to the body and conceals nicely under an untucked shirt or polo. With a suit coat, it would be easy to hide. I want another for my BHP.

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    I would think in an absolute sense the pancake would fit a little tighter. However, I have a snap on, Kevin's Laredo Defender, and I do not notice any difference than with my pancake holsters.

    If one needs to take it off and on during the day it is the way to go.


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    Even with snaps, I find it easier and quicker to unlace it from my belt. Little more time consuming if you're left-handed. Check out the new Bluegrass Holsters, I've got one for a J frame, it's great, extremely flat, and easy on-off.
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    I like Mitch Rosen's Premier full detail model. I own 2 of them and they work wonderfully well since they are pre-curved to fit the body. Also Alessi CQC-S are nice. With a suit jacket, you will be fine with one of these. I find the advantage of the snaps besides the ease of taking on and how you can attach the holster right onto your belt at the exact point which fits. With a belt slide model you always are dealing with belt loops being in the way

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    I have a kirkpatrick snap holster thats pretty nice

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    K&D makes great holsters. It does keep the gun very close to my side. This is a picture that Kevin actually took when he was sending my holster to me.

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    Yes, snap on holsters can be very comfortable especially if it's from Milt Sparks! The Axiom from Sparks....

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    Nate's Regulator does a good job...
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