Shoulder bag carry?

Shoulder bag carry?

This is a discussion on Shoulder bag carry? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone know about using shoulder bags like the maxpedition versipack or neatfreak or the 5.11 push? I tried searching the forum, but didn't find ...

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Thread: Shoulder bag carry?

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    Shoulder bag carry?

    Does anyone know about using shoulder bags like the maxpedition versipack or neatfreak or the 5.11 push? I tried searching the forum, but didn't find anything.

    Do any of you use these? pros? cons?

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    I typically avoid carry in a bag due to the possibility of being seperated from it. Also, the fact that at work I think people might not understand why I am always carrying a bag, or if I had to leave it unattended I am back to my first problem.
    I also believe a bag has more of a chance of being searched than I do.
    And I believe a bag has more of a chance of being targeted by a pick pocket than anything else. Either when sitting down to eat or whatever. I think a bag will make people think camera or valuables or whatever and they might possibly look for a chance to grab it.

    I know some people do very well with them, but those are the reasons I found that it would not work for me.
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    Once again the carry would depend on the situation, althought I prefer strong side carry. I do have a "fanny pak" which is not the most glamorous of ways to carry, but in today's enviroment would anyone notice. If the "fanny pak" is designed for carry with a little practice you can draw and place a hit on traget in less than 2 second. They are also very low profile, and they don't signal that someone is carrying. I also like the other carry packs, but don't own one at the moment, but to carry a weapon that most likely will not be required quickly (less than 2) I would sure consider them.
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    No 'manpurse' for me...
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    When I'm doing "touristy" things like hiking with wife, taking wildlife/scenery pics, etc., the Maxpedition Versipack fits in quite well. I use the little velcro holster they sell to carry my Glock.

    Then, last summer I got some new lenses and a camera bag. They sell an optional little case for the side (for carrying a flash or other gadget) and wouldn't you know, my Glock 26 fits in there just right! So, now my wife takes the versipack with her S&W 642.

    Like I said, in the right setting it fits in well. I bought mine in OD color, so it looks a bit tacticool/military, so that helps keep the "purse" nature of it lowkey...
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    I have one of these:

    OPERATOR™ TACTICAL ATTACHÉ - MAXPEDITION HARD-USE GEAR® (Home of the Rollypoly™ Folding Dump Pouch)

    The compartment for the weapon has a velcro pad for holster attachment and also closes via velcro and is hard to see when closed.

    This case can easily carry a laptop, Day Planner and other items. It also has a pouch for a Nalgene water bottle.

    If I need to carry "off body" this case works very well.
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    I carry a man purse - not that there's anything wrong with that...

    On occasion (usually beachwear days) I carry in a very non- "tactical" Victorinox shoulder bag in royal blue or bright red.

    Never questioned about the bag or my manhood, BTW.

    If I see someone carrying a Maxpedition bag I know you have a gun. Great by me that you are packing right along side me, just don't know about other people.

    My diaper bag for my baby is a Maxpedition. On a couple of occasions fellow gun culture people (we all know each other by sight for the most part, don't we?) have acknowledged my "nice bag"
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    I have a Columbia Messenger bag that I carry with me every due to the need for my epipens, and misc other stuff I need on a daily basis. It is another way to carry my firearm, without people knowing, and it has a back pocket that I've rigged a holster in. It works beautifully, and no one knows. Another good option to have in the arsenal. The bag never leaves my side as I have to have my epipens in an emergency, and the kit is too big to carry on a pocket. This is how I carried for a long time when I knew I'd be sitting down at a desk, and didn't want to risk having a holster seen. Anyways, I have caught some teasing from people about having a "man bag"...until those people need an aspirin or something else from the first aid kit thats in my bag, or use of my multi-tool or a flashlight. I was told to be prepared and what better way. I plan on getting a Maxpedition bag for my diaper bag too(baby is due on May 22nd!).
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    Quote Originally Posted by TCBA_Joe View Post
    Does anyone know about using shoulder bags like the maxpedition versipack or neatfreak or the 5.11 push? I tried searching the forum, but didn't find anything.

    Do any of you use these? pros? cons?
    I used the Maxpedition bag when riding my bike. The pros are:

    a) It is great when you don't have any other means of carrying on your body.
    b) You can carry tons of other stuff in it. I usually have at least a first aid kit, firearm, spare mags, pen, pencil, paper, small digital camera, cell phone, and knife.


    a) It is off the body carry. You can be separated from your firearm.
    b) It can be difficult to draw effectively from one of these. I like that when I carry IWB, it always takes the same motion to draw. With the versipack, I might have to make any number of small adjustments just to get the pack in line to unzip, then draw from it.

    In short, I only carry in the versapack when I have no other option.

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