Girly Belts

Girly Belts

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Thread: Girly Belts

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    Girly Belts

    I have a 5.11 belt, it looks like a army riggers belt if anyone knows what that is but I forget the type that it is off the top of my head. Anyway, my lady is trying to get things set up for next december when she wants to get her permit and she asked me about a belt... Now I am not a fashion person at all so I hoped some of the ladies could help us out with some ideas for good solid belts that don't look tacticool. She doesn't dress that way, so it would look wierd, besides she is a five foot tall woman and well it just would stand out. Thanks folks!

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    Trying to guess a woman's fashion preferences is difficult.

    Personally, I do ok with synthetic/leather belts from Walmart or Target. Yes they do show wear after a while, but I don't typically wear the same belt year to year anyway. I also don't carry half the things I see others carrying on here (flashlight, extra magazine, knife or two, etc) so I don't know how helpful you'll find this.

    The rare time I wear owb, I'm hunting so I wear my oh-so-not-fashionable cowboy belt that I'd never wear to work/public outing and I've had since my long-gone college days.

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    I haven't measured my Wife's belts, but many of them appear to be 3/4 to 1 inch tops for women's style clothing. I can't imagine any gun belt that will properly hold a holster in place for such a small belt. I suspect most women's clothing have belt loops for "fashion", not to hold up anything, thus they are mostly at very narrow widths.

    For jeans, a 1-1/2" belt will work fine and I'd look to some of the better belt mfrs listed in many threads here to see if they make one for women or have a recommendation.

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    Many makers build a 1.5" belt that tapers to 1.25" in the front. Gender doesn't matter to a handgun, it needs the same secure support from everyone.
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    Beltman and other good makers offer a 1.25" belt. That's what I wear for business attire, and it works perfectly. I not sure that a belt less wide than that would perform well. The weight of the gun would surely come into play. Contact Jim at the Beltman he's sure to have good insight. I'd be willing to bet that some of the other custom makers would be helpful as well.

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    For the 1-1/4" belts I would get the stiffener sewn in.

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    My wife usually wears jeans - she has tried on my 1.75" belt, and it fits her fine, but she would rather have a 1.5". She wanted one with her name on the back, or the pretty stamped acorn design from the Beltman - I wrote him about it and he said its one or the other, but not both. So, I think it will be a 1.5" acorn stamped belt for her. Its pretty enough, and the Beltman's double layer bullhide belts are great for carry.


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    Cunningham Custom

    Cunningham Custom Holsters - home

    Chris (a woman) specializes in belts and holsters for women....check it out...

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    just go to the mall and start shopping, check out the belt racks at all the stores. there will be something thats sturdy there somewhere. thats how i found mine and love it (although i hated the shopping part. ick)
    by the way, mine is from arizona jean company
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    I wear 1 1/4" gunbelts. They look very chunky compared to a standard man's dress belt, so I doubt they're gonna fit her needs. (no need for a plastic stiffener on a good belt, however...I carry a SIG 229 plus 2 spare mags, a big radio, cuffs, baton, etc. on a Milt Sparks belt just fine.)

    Maybe try a Kramer single-thickness horsehide belt, or see if the Beltman or someone can make a 1 1/4" belt tapered to 3/4" up front? (If the ladies' holster link above doesn't yield anything.)

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