One o clock vs three o clock carry

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Thread: One o clock vs three o clock carry

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    One o clock vs three o clock carry

    How many in here carry at one o clock? Would that be in general a faster draw then lets say three or five o clock? I mean..the weapon would be closer to you as it is located just to the righ of the belt buckle..

    Any thoughts?

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    I can't do it comfortably and bend over. Maybe with a very short gun. It also makes for an awkward draw to point movement. A 3:00 brings the gun out of the holster and straight up on target. The appendix carry requires a vertical draw, twisting of the weapon, and up to target. Still very popular.
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    I agree with AZ on the 1 oclock position. Even my secondary carry gun which has a 3 inch barrel restricts my ability to bend or squat at the 1 oclock. I can carry anything from my 3" CZ to a 5" 1911 at the 3:30-4:00 in a IWB holster with no restriction in bending, squatting or any other movement.

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    AIWB works spectacularly for me.

    Natural draw and much, much easier for me to conceal than 3:00 to 5:00.

    This got me started on trying the belly carry:

    Gabe Suarez
    11-14-2005, 04:10 PM

    Objective: To be able to carry a full size fighting pistol day to day, covertly, yet quickly available.

    Solution: Consider the Strong Side Belly Carry (aka “Appendix Carry”)

    Appendix Carry is a carry position that has been around for many years and was very popular in the Old West as is evidenced by pictures of the era. In today’s Wild West (and east and North and South) this type of carry affords ease of deployment when seated as well as when in crowds. It all but prevents the “bump frisk” when someone, well-meaning or not, bumps against your gun and asks “What’s that?”

    Other advantages –
    Considerably easier to draw with weak hand.
    Easier to draw while seated, particularly in a vehicle.
    Comfortable and not encumbered by the seatbelt.
    Not as likely to snag on clothing during the draw.
    Allows Covert Draw - can have hand already on the gun concealed by shirt

    So why isn’t it adopted across the board??

    Some schools that have had a very profound influence on the tactical community eschew anything but a traditional strong side hip carry. Competitions often follow their “logic” by disallowing anything except traditional carry modes.

    Some trainers consider crossdraw and anything NOT traditional strong side hip carry dangerous on the range because it may create a muzzle covering, albeit briefly, the person to your side or your own leg as you draw.

    My opinion on this is that this is a training issue, and that even with a traditional strong side carry students routinely cover their own legs on the draw and holstering.

    Some believe this type of carry is more difficult to conceal. I think this is largely dependant on how you dress. I think if you wear a business suit on a daily basis, this may not be for you, but if a tails out shirt, or a large t-shirt is you mode of daily dress, then this type of carry is MORE concealable than traditional strong side carry. I like to carry large guns, and they print when worn strong-side with certain body movements. Here in Arizona I see people printing strong-side on an everyday basis.
    Some say its slower to draw. Nope. Not hardly. Try it! Weapon retention is far easier with this type of carry than with traditional strong side hip carry.

    There are definite advantages. The only disadvantage has been holsters. I've arrived at two possibles. Dale Fricke's Joshua Covert, and Blade Tech's IWB. The Blade-tech has a slight advantage in that it is equipped with loops to match the belt. The Joshua has the advantage of being tuckable however for you NPE types. I always dress like a belligerent construction worker so tucking the shirt is a non-issue for me.

    Both carry straight up and down (no cant at all).

    I was out training today and found the Appendix cuts my first shot times down by .20-.30 Might not think this is much, but in a fight that only goes to 3 seconds its a biggie. Oh, it was from concealment BTW.

    Arm articulation is much less and the gun actually travels less distance to target, either with a two handed position or a one handed 3/4, or 1/2 extension firing position. Give it a try with your next dry fire session and see how it works for you. I've been experimenting with Appendix Carry for some time.
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    Guess I'm just too ample above my appendix. I'm out of room!
    My girlfriend loves it with her 642. She carries a Kramer cross-draw at 1:00 which, incredibly, gives the perfect draw angle and seats the butt down tighter..
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