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Thunder or Smart Carry questions

This is a discussion on Thunder or Smart Carry questions within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Now that I have owned both holsters, I gotta say, I don't really see the difference. My Thunderwear is about 8 years old, so I ...

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Thread: Thunder or Smart Carry questions

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    Now that I have owned both holsters, I gotta say, I don't really see the difference.

    My Thunderwear is about 8 years old, so I don't think it has the waterproof backing like the Smartcarry, but that is about it.

    They are both made very well, so which to choose?

    Charlie at Smartcarry is so helpful, and fun to deal with that I would choose his product because of him. Since there really isn't that big of a workmanship/quality difference, I would go with service. Charlie will keep getting my money from now on.
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    Wondering if any of you guys have a belly. As a result of too much time behind a desk, I've developed a rather large one, and I am concerned there might be a problem with the butt of the pistol "digging in" at the waistband. I'm considering either my Glock 22 or my P-11 in a Smartcarry.
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    You've gotten enough answers by now, almost all positive, that you've probably already made up your mind. I do have one caution that I didn't see mentioned though.

    I used to work for a company where weapons were grounds for immediate on-the-spot termination, so I got a SC. Used it to carry my full-sized S&W .45. As far as comfort, accessibility and bathroom adaptability, no problems over here. All easily dealt with by a minimum amount of practice.

    What I couldn't overcome however, was a spot that rubbed a hole in any pair of pants I wore more than 5 or 6 times with the SC. The pants rubbed against the hammer or the very back of the slide and ruined 3 pairs of pants before I even knew it was happening. I wore my shirt untucked and didn't see the hole(s) or scuffing occurring until it was too late. I was wearing khaki slacks at work, so the material was light-weight. I looked at the only pair of jeans I wore with the SC after finding the holes in the khakis and saw that there was a definite wear-spot in the same place, but it hadn't worn through yet because I hadn't worn it off duty more than a couple of times, and the material was quite a bit heavier to begin with.

    Now, with a small gun like the Kel-Tec, I wouldn't be surprised if this problem would never develop. Also, I posted about the problem here and got several good suggestions about how to go about "rub-proofing" that spot. You could probably search on my nick and go back maybe a year or so (+/-) to find that thread. I never tried those suggestions however because I'd already had to replace 3 pairs of pants and simply couldn't afford for the suggestions not to work.

    So now my SC hangs on my bedpost and holds spare mags. I am not recommending against it though. It's a very effective solution for deep concealment. If you check out the thread I referenced, you can pre-empt any holes in your britches by following a suggestion or two. If I could've done that before the holes appeared, I would still be using the SC.

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    Sitting or walking with a KelTec in Thunderwear won't be noticeable -- to you or anyone else. Belly pushing down the front sometimes causes the velcro to rise above beltline in the back for Thunderwear. Don't know about Smart Carry.

    You asked whether trigger is covered; certainly is. As for getting full grip, well, maybe get the Smartcarry for a few days and try it. It's not the same as reaching into formed leather; with practice, it just works.

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