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I bet Mitch wanted to have some steady income so he took the easy way out with the pressed Express line. I also love his full detail work and own a bunch of them but you have to admit the pricing on his full detail stuff is quite high. Also something that bothered me is that Mitch won't make everything in his express line. I called and spoke to him about making some express leather for some of my S&W autos and he would not make them insisting I need to step up to the FD line. I still think his pressed line is still better than the "Off the rack" Galco type leather.
Wow. I was thinking of ordering an express line holster. Now I am not so sure. He seems like a crook.
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I agree 100%. I've owned plenty of Galco leather in my younger years and have had the same results, though naturally it took me a while to realize it. Conversely, I have several of Rosen's Express holsters, both IWB and OWB, and they're tough as nails even after years of use. In fact, I think the only holsters that I've seen with tougher, firmer leather are Kramer's horsehide holsters. And of course there's no comparison there.

On the other hand, I agree with orangehole's assessment of Rosen's dealings. The Rosen holsters I have, some full detail and some Express, were bought either used on ebay or new from Brownells because they were for common guns. When I tried to order some holsters directly from Mitch for less common guns (S&W 27 and S&W 39), he told me he didn't have molds for those models and that I would have to send my guns to him and that there would be an additional $300 pattern fee! I passed and don't plan on buying anything directly from him in the future, but I sure wouldn't pass up a good used holster for the right price.